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Keeley Electronics

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The Original Boutique

Keeley Electronics have gained reputation as one of the most popular and successful manufacturers of guitar effects. Robert Keeley started his shop in 2001, building his own pedals and modifying existing schematics for consumers and touring artists such as Brad Paisley and Peter Frampton. Guitar players often favor a Keeley pedal over other manufacturers for their use of low tolerance components in their designs. Now approaching two decades in business, Keeley pedals can be seen on stages and in pedalboards around the world, spanning through all classifications of music.

Quality with Keeley

Ask most guitar players and they'll say the words "Keeley" and "Compressor" are one and the same. The Keeley Compressor is referred by many to have shaped the sound of modern country guitar playing - with a circuit as transparent as it is responsive. As of recent, Keeley's Dark Side fuzz/modulation and Caverns delay have taken the world by storm in stores and online in heavy request. Other notable pedals from Keeley include the Katana clean boost, D&M Drive, and multi-mode single footprint stomps including the 30MS Doubletracker and Abbey Reverb. All Keeley pedals include a one year parts and labor warranty.