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Darkglass Electronics, a Finland-based company, is renowned for its deep understanding of bass and unparalleled innovation in bass technology. The experts at Darkglass Electronics develop an extensive array of devices aimed at propelling the bass guitar world forward in every possible dimension. Their impressive product line includes advanced pedals, amplifiers, cabinets, and more – continually evolving and solidifying their esteemed reputation.

Going beyond the ordinary, Darkglass Electronics offers a unique and immersive bass experience. With intricate and engaging pedals like the ones in the Alpha Omega series and the Microtubes series, each Darkglass creation is designed to enhance both the traditional bass experience and their own cutting-edge technology. Driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of bass playing, Darkglass Electronics is dedicated to crafting innovative devices that will elevate your sound to new heights. Experience the future of bass with Darkglass Electronics today.

Darkglass Bass Pedals

Darkglass Electronics offers a range of cutting-edge bass guitar pedals, each tailored to enhance your tone and musical creativity. Browse Russo Music’s collection of Mr. Black pedals including:

  • Overdrive: Darkglass overdrive pedals [e.g. Darkglass Alpha Omega] deliver versatile distortion and saturation options, from warm vintage tones to modern, aggressive growls. They maintain clarity and articulation while adding harmonically rich textures to your bass sound.
  • Preamp: These pedals provide comprehensive tone shaping and signal conditioning. With EQ controls, blending options, and versatile tone sculpting, Darkglass preamp pedals such as the Microtubes Bass Preamp allow you to tailor your bass tone precisely to your preferences.
  • Distortion: Darkglass distortion pedals unleash a range of gritty and powerful tones, adding depth and character to your bass sound. They are designed to preserve low-end frequencies while providing a punchy and dynamic distortion effect.
  • Compressor: Darkglass compressor pedals offer studio-grade compression to even out your playing dynamics and enhance sustain. They help control peaks and add a smoothness to your bass lines, making your playing more polished and defined.
  • Fuzz: Darkglass fuzz pedals provide a range of fuzz and saturation effects tailored for bass guitars. They add a unique and gritty texture to your sound, from vintage-style fuzz to modern and aggressive tones.
  • Cabsim: Some Darkglass pedals include CabSim (cabinet simulation) technology. These features emulate the sound of various speaker cabinets and microphone placements, allowing you to achieve realistic and studio-quality bass tones directly through your pedal.

Darkglass Amps

Darkglass Electronics Amp Heads revolutionize bass amplification, uniting cutting-edge innovation with premium tone shaping. Their flagship Microtubes technology seamlessly melds solid-state clarity with signature distortion, offering a broad tonal spectrum. Crafted with meticulous attention, these amps deliver unparalleled clarity, dynamics, and versatility. Ideal for studio sessions or live performances, Darkglass Electronics Amp Heads empower bassists with precision-driven, commanding tones, allowing them to sculpt their sound with finesse and creative flair.

Darkglass Electronics amplifier heads at Russo Music include MicroTube Amps, Alpha Omega Amps and D-Series Amp Heads.

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