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Surf music finds its roots in rock music linked to the surf culture of Southern California, and in general. With reverb heavy electric guitars being the obvious device of choice for this rock and roll based music genre, Surfy Industries has come forth to produce iconic guitar effects, that are vintage in essence, modern in technology and the go-to for surf music players. 

Surfy’s Flagship Reverb

A small scale manufacturer from Sweden, Surfy is now also based in the USA and Italy. Founder Bjorn Isheden traces the company’s origins back to his DIY replica kit of the Fender 6G15 reverb unit featuring JFETs instead of tubes, that he promoted on a surf music community website. Targeting those musicians looking for a more mobile and reliable version of the Fender reverb pedal, the DIY kit became a huge hit and was famously known as the SurfyBear, the ideal reverb pedal for the surf music clan.

The SurfyBear Classic Reverb Unit is the flagship Surfy product that fans of spring reverb can’t go wrong with. It maps the vintage controls of the Fender 6G15, and is free from true bypass. To take it a step further, Surfy introduced the Surfybear Compact Reverb pedal, a smaller pedalboard-friendly version of the SurfyBear that was still true to the original sound.

Surfy also believed in sticking to the authentic effect pedal experience, choosing analog over digital pedals to produce an authentic tonal experience with the imperfections!

As one of the limited and exclusive dealers of Surfy in the US, Russo Music stocks all key Surfy products including Reverb, Tremolo, Vibrato, Amp Simulator & Routing. Take a look at popular models including the SurfyBear Reverb, SurfyPan, SurfyTrem, SurfyVibe and more.

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