Surfybear compact reverb pedal

Washed up on the shore straight from Sweden, a classic tone has returned.

The Surfy Industries SurfyBear Compact is a redesigned, small-scale version of the distinguished SurfyBear Reverb. Straight from the experts at Surfy Industries based in Alvsjo, Sweden, the SurfyBear Compact delivers an authentic spring reverb experience in a pedalboard-friendly package.  

Surfy Industries is faithful to players across the globe, recognizing that no one knows spring reverb better than fans of surf music. Seeking to create a fully authentic, sun-soaked reverb experience, Surfy Industries pared down their renowned SurfyBear Reverb to accommodate a smaller size without compromising sound or style. 

The SurfyBear tone, in its original form and now in the Compact, can be traced back to the Fender 6G15 Reverb Unit from the 1960s. Utilizing a physical spring circuit inspired by the 6G15, the SurfyBear Compact delivers an authentic, fully analog, and true bypass spring reverb experience.

Streamlined and intuitive, the minimalist design and controls of the SurfyBear Compact brings the reverb experience immediately to the forefront. Tone, Dwell, and Decay dials responsively sculpt a lush reverb tone from light and quick to heavy and trailing. Two Mix knobs and a corresponding footswitch allows players to swap between two reverb mixes on the fly.  

Players searching for a meticulously constructed and tonally faithful spring reverb pedal need look no further, the team at Surfy Industries have all bases covered. Douse a signal with a splash of sun or drench a signal with washes of surf. A luscious reverb experience is ensured as the SurfyBear Compact brings a never-ending summer to any pedalboard.

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