Death By Audio ROOMS Review

As if picked from the deepest reaches of space, the Death By Audio ROOMS has entered orbit.

The Death By Audio ROOMS is a multi-function stereo reverb pedal that features several effects with a deeply interactive interface.

The crew at Death By Audio taps into a unique point at the intersection of a refined reverb and a noise machine. ROOMS allows access to new avenues of experimentation that previously could only be attained through a combination of different reverb pedals. The spacious signal of ROOMS is in reach and ready to engage.

ROOMS hosts a deeply interactive and experimental experience. Six distinct reverb effects are equipped in a pedalboard-friendly package while intuitive controls allow players to go from classic reverb resonance to deep-space exploration with ease. DRY and FX dials control the amount of dry signal present and the level of the effect that is engaged. The TIME knob raises and lowers the amount of time the reverb effect lasts, which can create a short, resonant barrier or a lingering trail of reverb.

All six effects of ROOMS have great utility for any studio session or live performance. Each reverb effect has distinct characteristics that must be tested and explored, and with so many creative places to go, every touch of the dial is sure to lead to an experimental adventure.

ROOM – A classic reverb

A logical starting point, a classic room reverb works as an “always on” effect with spacey resonance.

DIGIT – A delay-driven reverb

A busy reverb assembled from a wash of small, trailing delay notes. Plenty of motion is present for a unique voice that is playfully hectic.

PEAK – A phasing, filtered reverb

An enveloping reverb with a distinct wah effect to begin a descent into pulsating noise machine territory.

GATE – A vintage-style reverb

A quick and calm reverb for vintage-inspired tones.

WAVE – A modulating reverb

A vertigo-inducing reverb with prominent vibrato and chorus characteristics. Wavering and wobbling, plenty of otherworldly tones await.

GONG – A percussive reverb

A transcendent reverb that pulls out all the stops. The concept of creating a spacey reverb tone that sounds like interstellar bells and chimes is just as intriguing as it sounds.

The experience of ROOMS is greatly enhanced by the ALT switch. A unique feature to ROOMS, the ALT switch allows players to dial in a different arrangement of effect frequency, depth, and time settings to engage at any moment. The result allows players to create space-shifting sequences with a single toggle, to swap quickly between two parameter settings on the fly. Along with an expression switch input to add further manipulation capabilities, ROOMS is a great pedal to spend time tweaking and tinkering.

The Verdict on DBA ROOMS

Death By Audio strikes an impressive point between ambience and noise with ROOMS. The pedal provides a vast array of reverb tones, perfect for practice, performance, in sessions, or in the studio. ROOMS is highly responsive in each effect type to accommodate any scenario, from an "always on" room reverb onstage to a proper noise machine for deep-space experimentation. From a spacey flourish to ambient soundscapes, whatever the application, ROOMS fits the bill.