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Established in 1968, Orange Amps has a rich history of innovation and dedication to quality sound. Founder Cliff Cooper borrowed £50 to open a music shop and recording studio in London's West End, which eventually led to the creation of the iconic Orange amplifiers. Their vibrant, psychedelic orange color and unique sound quickly gained the attention of legendary artists like Jimmy Page, Stevie Wonder, and John Lennon.

Orange Amps set themselves apart by working closely with artists to develop their sound even before producing their first OR series model. This combination of artist input and cutting-edge science resulted in a range of amplifiers that have continued to satisfy musicians worldwide. Not only limited to guitarists, Orange Amps ventured into bass amplification in 1979, releasing the original OR112SB Super Bass model and subsequently captivating bass players with their distinct sound.

Despite their vintage appeal and British amp tradition, Orange Amps remain forward-thinking. They have developed a series of pedals that encapsulate their signature sound, covering EQ, compression, fuzz, and distortion. The brand's dedication to innovation and their constant pursuit of perfection have made Orange Amps a go-to choice for musicians looking for quality, reliability, and iconic sound.

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