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Tube Amplifiers for Guitars

Guitar tube amplifiers, often referred to as ‘tube amps’ use vacuum tubes or valves to boost electric guitar signals. Tube amps have a characteristic warmer tone preferred by many musicians over the years. Of course, for many of the early electric guitarists, a tube amp was the only option to amplify their sound up until the 1970s, when solid state amplifiers were introduced. Even though many new alternatives for tube amps exist now to counter their heaviness and occasional amplifier tube replacements, you’ll still find guitarists opting for a classic tube amp for its dynamic and responsive tones. 

At Russo Music you can have your pick from the many tube amps and tube combo amplifiers available for sale:

  • Class-A Amplifiers: Class-A amps such as some Vox Amps are simple devices with a single tube producing organic tones at lower wattage and higher distortion with more volume.
  • Class-AB Amplifiers: These guitar amps can provide higher power output without being distorted. Many of the Mesa Boogie and Fender amps can be considered AB guitar tube amps.
  • Bass Tube Amps: Bass guitar amplifiers as the name suggests are designed specifically for bass guitars. Consider checking out our Ampeg Bass heads.

We also have Tube guitar amps in two primary configurations:

  • Combo Amps: Tube combo amps combine the amplifier and speakers in a single unit, making this a complete amplifier package without the need to do any elaborate setups.
  • Head/Cabinet Setups: Here the amplifier head and speaker cabinet are distinct units connected through speaker cables. You’ll find that guitar amp cabinets will have many different sizes, speakers and materials to choose from. Check out our speaker size options from 12”, 10” and 8” speakers.

You’ll find both these configurations in Tube Amps from popular brands including Vox, Marshall, Mesa Boogie and Fender. In addition, we have options ranging from different power tubes and preamp tubes to suit your unique music needs. Buy yours today!

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