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Handmade Heritage

The Gibson history starts when Orville Gibson began production of mandolins and folk instruments in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1902. Gibson's archtop electric manufacturing began during the golden age of jazz, big band, and swing in the 1930s. As the 1950s approached, the idea of a solid body guitar was unheard of and scoffed at in some leagues until guitarist Les Paul crafted the idea for a guitar with never-before-conceived tonal complexity and sustain. Gibson guitars paved the way through the next forty years of musical evolution, known for an indisputable sound, style, and total sonic landmark.

From Nashville, Tennessee & Bozeman, Montana

Gibson Guitars continue to be made in the United States, with different business units of the company providing guitar players of all tastes and backgrounds with the guitar for their vision. Gibson USA, located in Nashville, Tennessee, continues to push the envelope on how an iconic solidbody, semi hollowbody, or full hollow body instrument can be made today, while the Gibson Custom Shop fulfills the desires of the vintage-inspired player, or the players desiring upwards of a ground-up custom Gibson guitar through the Made 2 Measure program. All Gibson Acoustics are built by human hands in Bozeman, Montana.

Gibson guitars continue to be made in the United States in two locations: Nashville, Tennessee, and Bozeman, Montana. Both locations feature a full-line production facility as well as a Custom Shop for historic reissue and built-to-spec Made 2 Measure instruments. All Gibson Electrics (solidbody, semihollow, and full hollowbody) are made in Nashville, while all Gibson Acoustic models are produced in Bozeman. While the different locations and business units have varying specialties, all are dedicated to providing guitar players of all tastes and backgrounds the perfect platform for their vision, whether that’s pushing the envelope with the Modern Collection or staying true to roots with the Original Collection.

Russo Music’s Gibson Guitar Shop

Here's an overview of some prominent Gibson guitar types available at Russo Music:

  • Acoustic Guitars: Gibson Acoustic Guitars offer a huge variety including the J-45 and Hummingbird models. These guitars are cherished for their warm acoustic tones and have been used in various genres..
  • Custom Shop: Gibson's Custom Shop produces meticulously crafted guitars, often recreating iconic models from the past. These guitars are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, premium materials, and attention to detail.
  • Les Paul: The iconic Gibson Les Paul series epitomizes the classic Gibson aesthetic. Known for its single-cutaway body, set neck construction, and rich, warm tones.
  • SG (Solid Guitar): The Gibson SG is recognized for its double-cutaway body and slim design, delivering a sleek and comfortable playing experience. 
  • ES (Electric Spanish): The Gibson ES series comprises semi-hollow and hollow-body electric guitars, celebrated for their resonance and versatile tones.
  • Explorer: With its distinctive angular body shape, the Gibson Explorer stands out as a symbol of rock and metal music.
  • Firebird: The Gibson Firebird series boasts a unique "reverse" body design and offers a distinct tonal palette. 
  • Flying V: Like the Explorer, the Gibson Flying V features an unconventional body shape, projecting a bold and futuristic look.

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