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Since its inception, Gibson has consistently pushed the boundaries of musical innovation, especially in the realm of electric guitar design. This storied history in electrification has defined and constantly redefined sounds across diverse musical genres for almost a century. Central to Gibson's legendary electric guitars are their meticulously engineered pickups, often overshadowed by the very instruments they empower.

The Gibson Pickup Shop has been the birthplace of many revolutionary pickups, from the iconic P-90, adored by many, to the groundbreaking humbucker, realized in 1955 by Gibson's brilliant engineer, Seth Lover. Each pickup exemplifies the brand's commitment to superior craftsmanship, birthed from only the finest materials.

Every magnet used in Gibson's pickups is purposefully magnetized within the Gibson Pickup Shop, ensuring the ultimate performance. Gibson's decision to use maple wood spacers, as opposed to the more common plastic, stands testament to their attention to detail, with the maple adeptly curtailing unwanted vibrations.

Further showcasing Gibson's dedication to perfection is their use of the Swiss-made Meteor ME-301 coil winding machines, which have been operational since the 1950s. These machines are responsible for delivering multiple, precisely wound coils, making them a testament to Gibson's commitment to precision and quality.

It's impressive to consider that as early as 1935, Gibson had already introduced its first electromagnetic pickup, known as the "bar." Initially showcased on the Gibson "Hawaiian Electric", it was soon incorporated into the ES-150 by 1936. And when industry giants like Charlie Christian adopted Gibson's innovations, it was clear that Gibson was on a trajectory to iconic status.

In essence, the Gibson Pickup Shop serves as a testament to Gibson's passion, sustained innovation, and the unending pursuit of sonic brilliance. For nearly 90 years, Gibson's pickups have not just been about manufacturing; they've been about crafting auditory masterpieces.

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