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Kramer Guitars emerged in the late 1970s, co-founded by Dennis Berardi and Gary Kramer. The brand revolutionized the guitar industry with its innovative aluminum-necked guitars, a testament to their commitment to experimentation and quality. Throughout its history, Kramer Guitars has produced instruments that blend craftsmanship, innovation, and performance, appealing to a wide range of musicians.

Initially, Kramer guitars featured trademark pitchfork aluminum-reinforced necks, Ebonol fretboards, and high-quality hardware from brands like Schaller and DiMarzio. By the early 1980s, the company transitioned to wooden necks, keeping production costs low while maintaining their appeal to traditional guitarists. The introduction of the Floyd Rose tremolo system further solidified Kramer's position as a leader in guitar innovation.

The partnership with Eddie Van Halen in the 1980s helped propel Kramer to become the best-selling guitar brand for two consecutive years, outperforming industry giants like Fender and Gibson. 

Kramer Guitars holds a significant place in musical history, having introduced groundbreaking designs and features that shaped the industry. Their commitment to quality and innovation continues to inspire musicians worldwide, as they create instruments that stand the test of time.

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