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The Strymon company and Damage Control

Strymon have made their mark as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium effects. Their innovations in tonal capability, DSP integration, and MIDI programmability have pushed the company to the front end of the pedal community, and the world has taken notice. Strymon designers joined forces with Damage Control Engineering, whose company offered a line of tube-driven distortion, delay, and modulation pedals. Their collaboration in business and design brought us what we know as the Strymon line of products. Together, they have bridged the gaps between digitally driven pedals and organic tone and response.

Products and Innovations

Strymon pedals are known for capturing and making flexible the nuances of classic and vintage analog gear – which include such designs as the El Capistan dTape delay, and Lex rotary speaker simulator. The Strymon “Big Three” are the Mobius, Timeline, and Big Sky – respectively modulation, delay, and reverb multi effects with MIDI routing and preset saving capabilities. The company also offers isolated pedal power supplies – some with the highest capable current draw on the market today. There almost isn’t a pedalboard or application that wouldn’t call for at least one Strymon product in the mix.