Mesa Boogie Announces New Badlander 25 Head and 1x12 Combo

The Rectifier Series amplifiers from Mesa Boogie are household names to any six-string player. Most recently, the Badlander 100 & 50 amps have made their mark in music over the last 2+ years. Studios and stages alike have seen them grow in popularity thanks to their versatile abilities while maintaining traditional Boogie class. Today, we get to meet the latest additions to the Rec series: The Badlander 25 Head and 1x12 Combo.

Russo Music Mesa Boogie Badlander 25 head and combo release

100 watts and 50 watts are without a doubt, great options to have when it comes to powerful stage or studio volume. But more often than not, with the right microphone placement, do we need that much power all of the time? Those high-power amplifiers from Mesa and countless other brands 100% have their place and serve their purpose, never to be replaced. However, it sure is nice sometimes to know that you can pick up your lower wattage rig, packed with tone, and get the gig done right.

Russo Music Mesa Boogie Badlander 25 head and combo release

The Badlander 25 takes everything it needs from its larger cousins, packing it all in a smaller chassis and cutting its power amp down to 2 EL34’s. Take it from 25 to 10 watts by flipping a switch and enjoy the benefits of saturated Boogie tone at low power. It features Mesa’s proprietary CabClone IR tech, allowing for cabless play on stage, in the studio, or right at home. Choose from 8 different cab simulations without lifting a cabinet once? Your knees and back will thank you, trust us. Like the rest of its Badlander Rec family it has 2 footswitchable channels with 3 modes - clean, crunch, and crush. If you can’t get exactly where you need to go with all of that, don’t worry. Hook up whatever else you need through the FX loop and maintain your amp and pedal chain’s pure tone separately while they work together in unison.

The team at Mesa Boogie have always been true innovators in the world of guitar. Somehow, they’ve always made sure that their amplifier's tone stays true to itself, while always coming up with ways to one-up themselves in amp tech and user friendliness. With the introduction of the Badlander 25 Head and 1x12 Combo, they have proven yet again that they are at the forefront of guitar amp manufacturers and continue to impress us with every new release.


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