Gibson Guitars Acquires Mesa Boogie Amps

As two of the biggest names in their respective trades, Gibson Guitars and Mesa Boogie are revered and respected for being synonymous with quality. That is why it is that much more exciting to announce that Gibson Guitars has acquired Mesa Boogie and added the famed amp builder to the Gibson family. In parallel Instagram posts announcing the deal, Gibson and Mesa Boogie spoke highly of each other, with Gibson exclaiming, “We are pleased to announce the addition of Mesa/Boogie to the Gibson Brands family.”

Both brands, having made huge strides under the direction of visionaries, are well known within the musician world. Mesa Boogie, which was founded by Randy Smith in 1971, has spent over 50 years smashing expectations and building a name for second-to-none quality control and precise specs. Gibson, on the other hand, is an institution. It’s more modern times sparked in the 1950’s and 60’s under the direction of luminary Ted McCartney, whose work with Les Paul led to the unveiling of the Gibson Les Paul in 1952.

Overall, the move is being seen as a merger between two leaders in their crafts. Loyalists of both brands will be curious to see what exciting changes come of the marriage but both parties are wasting no time building up the anticipation. In their announcement, Mesa Boogie teased just that saying, “Get ready for an exciting new partnership that will take our continued pursuit of tone to new levels!”

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