Russo Music Exclusive GoldTop Darkback Reverend Charger HB

Our good friends at Reverend Guitars are in the business of making electric guitars. Not only that, but electric guitars with sound, style, and above all, purpose. From creating some of the biggest and boldest ideas ever crafted in an instrument to inserting the smallest touches of care and quality, Reverend knows how to craft a guitar that is both at the cutting edge of innovation and effortlessly compatible.

The team at Reverend has shared some of their music making magic with us in years past with a couple of guitars with designs exclusive to Russo Music. Our past collaborations with Reverend have been an absolute pleasure. Today, we welcome a new addition to Reverend's line of exclusive Russo Music electric guitars.

This unique Charger HB features a Gold Top, Dark Back finish you will not find anywhere else. The Violin Brown back, Venetian Gold top, and black plastics call back to a 50s classic. Its gleaming finish is offset by a dark roasted neck to create a captivating contrast that makes this instrument as striking to the eye as it is to the ear. The Charger HB is a classic model from Reverend, a groundbreaker and a fan favorite.

Designed closely with Reverend, we picked the Charger HB to customize for its awesome assortment of specifications and features. A medium-lightweight Korina wood body and roasted maple neck, both Reverend standards, come together to make an instrument that feels light but also sturdy in hand. Custom-designed Reverend humbucking pickups give the Charger HB all the kick any player could ask for with plenty of tonal nuance to tune in on. The Reverend Bass Contour Control knob, another Reverend feature, allows players to tighten low end or introduce some single-coil sounds to the humbucking pickup duo. Along with a great lineup of small, carefully placed features such as a treble-bleed circuit, a custom jack plate, and Pin-Lock tuners, each Reverend Charger HB produced is meticulously cared for, and this Russo Music exclusive is no different. This is a Charger you will not want to miss.

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