Teenage Engineering Launches Latest OP-Z Update

If you’ve ever had the chance to hold the Teenage Engineering OP-Z, then you are aware of its unassuming stature. Measuring roughly 8.5” long and 2.25” long, this handheld synth feels right at home in a desk drawer or backpack. But its small size has camouflaged a lot of powerful features, whether it be the 16-track sequencer, a mountain of synths and samples, or the host of other cool features unexpectedly at your fingertips.

There was one feature, though, that added a visual art aspect but was limited in scope. This was Teenage Engineering’s “Photomatic Mode”, which allowed you to sequence 10 sets of 24 images to your music. While cool, it left video on the shelf, only teased as “TBA”. That time is now. TE has announced a newly released OP-Z app update that allows for the inclusion of video in the Photomatic editing mode. With this update, you can have 10 sets of 24 videos logged, which can then be sequenced to your musical creations and edited with awesome effects. This includes video files as well as GIF files.

Video clips are an amazing addition, but the list of editing capabilities is what really takes the cake. Crossfade between multiple videos or play them at the same time. You can also have it linked to the Midi output of one of your tracks, attached to either specific effects or allowing it to react randomly. Each video clip can be edited individually with a host of filter adjustments, speed changes and cropping capabilities, all of which can be used with the punch-in function. The list of possibilities goes on and this doesn’t even scratch the surface.

The best part? It’s as simple as downloading it! The app, available now from the Apple app store and Google Play, brings a welcomed visual flourish to an all-in-one synth powerhouse made for aspiring noodlers and synth nerds alike.

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