Reverend Releases Russo Music Exclusive Charger 390

We don’t think it’s any secret that we love a good Reverend around here. We’ve actually been host to a few exclusive Reverends over the years, and today, we’re happy to share the latest addition to that lineup. From the fine folks at Reverend Guitars: The Charger 390 in Italian Purple.

This Charger features a combination of specifications completely exclusive to Russo Music. Those who simply couldn’t get enough P-90 action in their playing or Italian Purple in their collection need look no further than this. Sonically stellar and aesthetically unique, this Charger’s got it all.

The Charger 390 starts with a Reverend standby – a Korina solid body design. This wood lands on most Reverends and is known for its light weight and acoustic resonance. The body is carefully shaped and contoured and fits like a glove for any player to give it a spin. Reverend’s “Medium Oval”-shaped roasted maple neck comes together with its 12” fingerboard radius for smooth trips from higher to lower registers while its synthetic bone “Boneite” nut and Pin-Lock tuners secure strings solidly for tuning and string changes. The Charger’s TOM bridge with a Stop Tail tailpiece anchors this whole setup down for excellent stability and transfer of acoustic energy.

We wouldn’t be here if not for those three P-90s, however. Reverend designs their own proprietary pickups and each one is designed to tonally match the guitar it is equipped in. You might normally see a Charger with two of Reverend’s custom-designed 9A5 P-90s, but why stop there? The Charger 390 comes loaded with three of Reverend’s powerful P-90s that roll through subdued cleans and heated drives. This whole tonal trip is augmented by the addition of Reverend’s Bass Contour Control knob that revoices the pickups for a wider tonal palette than you might expect from three P-90s. Need some single-coil twang with your P-90 sizzle? Say no more, just roll the knob to taste.

Finally, you’ll catch this Charger in Reverend’s rich Italian Purple finish. Always a showstopper, you won’t be able to find this combination of tone and color anywhere else in Reverend’s catalog. It’s a bit of Reverend pizzazz you’ll only see here at Russo Music. 

Working with Reverend is always an absolute pleasure and we’re excited to share the results of our most recent collab. Three P-90s. Italian Purple. Sweetness.

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