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Marshall Amplification's journey began in 1962 when Jim Marshall, a skilled drummer and teacher, opened his music store in London. With clients like Pete Townshend and Ritchie Blackmore seeking a new breed of amplifier, Jim and his team delivered the innovative Number 1. From those humble beginnings, Marshall has grown into a revered brand, shaping the sound of rock music for decades.

Born in 1923, Jim Marshall's dedication to music and philanthropy earned him an OBE in 2003. His legacy lives on through the brand, with annual celebrations honoring his life and contributions to the industry. Since its inception, Marshall's growth has been exponential; they opened their first factory in Hayes in 1964 and moved to their current home in Bletchley, UK, in 1967.

Marshall is committed to designing and producing high-quality amplifiers through a meticulous process that includes research and development, woodworking, engineering, electronics, covering, assembly, and testing. Each stage ensures that the final product meets the brand's original specifications, offering musicians a reliable and powerful tool to express their creativity.

Iconic amps like the JCM Series, Bluesbreaker, and Plexi have cemented Marshall's place in musical history. The brand's dedication to excellence and innovation continues to shape the future of amplifiers, providing musicians with gear that withstands the test of time and delivers an unforgettable sound.

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