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More About Collision Devices

In 2018 when founders Baptiste and Denis embarked on the journey of founding Collision Devices, they committed to the meticulous construction of every pedal, starting from the ground up. As time passed, an increasing number of pedal orders poured in, demanding their full attention for both production and innovative development.

In 2020, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic introduced unforeseen challenges. The company's regular suppliers faced difficulties in meeting their material and component demands, prompting a significant turning point in the short history of Collision Devices, as well as the introduction of another partner, Nicolas, who solders and assembles every individual pedal by hand. 

In response to the challenges faced, the company opted to forge partnerships with local suppliers and engage with nearby factories and individuals who shared their core values. Currently, the manufacturing of stompboxes, powder coating, sourcing of electronic components, and assembly are all done at or within just a few miles of their main location in Western France, with incredible pride.

Innovation Meets Quality

While they’re a small operation, Collision Devices has a big desire to shake things up in the world of guitar effects and has done just that with the releases of TARS, Singularity, Black Hole Symmetry, Nocturnal, and The Ranch. Collision Devices’ commitment to innovation and craftsmanship in the world of effects is certainly not overlooked when using their equipment, and Russo Music proudly presents an array of their pedals, celebrated for their exceptional construction, distinctive aesthetics, and unmatched sonic capabilities.

Within our Collision Devices collection, you'll find a diverse range of effects, from outside-the-box tremolo to modulation and fuzz, reverb or delay that find unique ways to pique a new interest in commonly used effects, catering to musicians of all genres. Whether you're a keyboardist, bassist, or guitarist, these pedals promise to elevate your sonic palette and ignite your creative spark.

We’re excited to carry the following pedals by Collision Devices:

  • TARS: this newly available pedal based on an MS-20 style filter combined with the fuzz of its predecessor, Singularity, guarantees applicability in just about any musical setting with ranges from vintage-style warmth to unfiltered fuzz. 
  • Nocturnal: Centered around a stylish combination of delay, tremolo, and reverb in one device, Nocturnal allows guitarists to explore the interactions of multiple effects while also providing additional control over each individual function through sustained footswitch presses
  • Singularity: Simplicity, potency, and precision converge in this pedal, which is derived from the fuzz section of the Black Hole Symmetry. Its primary aim is to enable you to craft massive, controllable fuzz tones for your creative endeavors.
  • Black Hole Symmetry: A reverb, delay, and fuzz, each with independent control dials and footswitches, are all packed into one reasonably sized pedal. The Black Hole Symmetry is designed for those unafraid to venture into uncharted territory, where creativity thrives on experimentation at every turn.

Experience the sheer delight of working with Collision Devices pedals, offering intuitive controls and responsive dynamics that seamlessly transition between studio and stage. If you're on the hunt for the perfect fuzz, Collision Devices provides a spectrum of tones, from velvety smooth to raw and aggressive. For those in pursuit of lush effects like reverb or delay, our collection has you covered.

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