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Fuzzrocious, a New Jersey-based pedal company, has been turning heads with their innovative fuzz circuits and exceptional customer service. Founded by a dynamic husband and wife duo Ryan and Shannon Ratajski, Fuzzrocious offers a range of products, including the Electric Ocean Fuzz/Phaser, Lil Fella Overdrive, and Dark Driving V3 Overdrive. This South Jersey company's commitment to quality and their customers has earned them a stellar reputation. With a touch of cheekiness, Fuzzrocious pedals deliver anything from gentle drives to cacophonous buzzes, making them a go-to choice for musicians craving that perfect distorted sound.

Fuzzrocious Effects

Fuzzrocious is celebrated for their fuzz pedals, overdrive and distortion pedals. Explore Russo Music’s collection of Fuzzrocious pedals including:

  • Fuzzrocious Cat Tail: A distinctive distortion and fuzz pedal that features two separate gain circuits, one for overdrive and another for fuzz, allowing musicians to blend and shape their tone dynamically. With a broad tonal range, it can produce anything from warm, vintage overdrive to roaring, saturated fuzz tones.
  • Fuzzrocious M.O.T.H (Multi Overdrive Tremolo Hex): An innovative multi-effect pedal that combines overdrive and tremolo in a single unit. It features multiple gain stages for overdrive, allowing you to craft a wide range of dynamic and harmonically rich drive tones. The tremolo section provides versatile waveforms and modulation options.
  • Fuzzrocious Grey Stache: A versatile fuzz pedal inspired by GGG-Tuned and Civil War versions of a muff fuzz. It offers a broad range of vintage-inspired fuzz tones, from warm and smooth overdrive to aggressive and saturated fuzz. The Grey Stache's straightforward controls, including Volume, Tone, and Fuzz, make it easy to dial in your desired sound. With its dynamic response and rich harmonic content, this pedal is ideal for musicians seeking classic fuzz tones and even step into overdrive

Fuzzrocious pedals are handmade with a focus on delivering exceptional tone and flexibility. Their attention to detail, quality components, and original circuit designs make them a popular choice among musicians. Buy Fuzzrocious fuzz pedals and step up your music!

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