Fuzzrocious Li'l Fella Review

Watch your step

The Fuzzrocious Li'l Fella is on a quest: pack a board's worth of drive and distortion into a convenient little case. Will our hero deliver on his journey?

Spoiler alert: Absolutely.

Building off their popular Demon Drive, the Li’l Fella is the latest innovation from Fuzzrocious with all the dirty, fuzzy glory you know and love ready right out of the box. With the Li’l Fella, fans of Fuzzrocious will be right at home and newcomers will receive a warm welcome. This tiny powerhouse has plenty of bite and kick for any player trying to catch a new tonal wave. Quick, easy, and full of character, the Li’l Fella starts its quest.

A Fuzzy Little Friend

The easy set up and expressive tones of the Li’l Fella make it a great pedal to jump into and get you in on the action when engaged. The quick and responsive Volume, Tone, Drive, and Gain knobs sculpt a dirty tone that can range from a mid-gain overdrive to a crunchy distortion to a warm fuzz. Roll the Drive and Gain knobs to hit some sweet spots where the Li’l Fella really blooms in its overdriven fuzzy goodness. With all the roar of a distortion and all the articulation of a finely tuned overdrive, the Li’l Fella is sure to check a couple boxes off your distortion “to-do” list. Push the Tone and Drive all the way to get into a world of chugging heavy metal or roll them back to chop through some sweet overdrive. The Li’l Fella is ready for speedy riffage as well as letting warm tones breathe and glow.

Some quick additional functions make the Li’l Fella stand out even more. The Li’l Fella accepts 9 and 18 volt DC output center negative power. With 9 volts, the Li’l Fella is no slouch, on 18 volts, the Li’l Fella opens up a little more with more headroom and stability. That kick that the Li’l Fella gives can shape up into a massive roar if you’re seeking out an extra push. Along with its power capabilities, the Li’l Fella features a Gate toggle to swap between its full tonal character when flipped off to a more articulate and gated effect when flipped on. The Gate toggle really contributes to a different kind of tone from the Li’l Fella with a fuzzier and more sputtery voice. Between these functions, the Li’l Fella remains beautifully simple but with a few tricks up its sleeve.

Fuzzrocious Li’l Fella Final Thoughts

An excellent one-stop-shop for all your distortion needs, the Fuzzrocious Li’l Fella has a lot to offer. Pulling no punches, the Li’l Fella covers an impressive amount of ground for its size and simplicity. The Li’l Fella works as an easy to pick up, grab-and-go type of pedal for the stage or the studio. Perfect for a wide range of applications, the Li’l Fella is a distortion workhorse. If you’re looking for an awesome little pedal with plenty of fuzzy tone to go around, look no further – this little guy’s got it covered.