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Lehle, established by Burkhard Georg Lehle in Voerde, Germany, is a prominent brand in music technology, specializing in creating robust and innovative products for musicians. Burkhard's passion for blending music and technology led to the development of the first A/B and A/B/C switchers, revolutionizing the industry with dependable, noise-free sound.

Lehle's dedication to innovation is evident in their Lehle Transformer HZ, designed for faithfully reproducing high impedance signals from electric guitars. Their collaboration with Jacques Ruppert resulted in the Basswitch IQ DI, combining independent design, Lehle's True Sound Technology, and RMI's innovative concept.

Notably, Lehle's volume pedals use a calibrated hall sensor for consistent tone and elimination of disruptive sounds. The brand also offers Lehle Components, a line of high-quality footswitches, transformers, and signal-routing components.

Lehle's commitment to quality and innovation has earned them a well-deserved place in music history, continuing to create products that cater to the evolving needs of musicians worldwide.

Lehle Effects Pedals

Lehle Pedals offers a range of high-quality guitar pedals and switchers designed to meet the diverse needs of musicians. Explore Russo Music’s collection of Lehle Pedals:

  • Switchers: Lehle’s Little Dual and other Amp switcher pedals allow seamless signal routing and switching between multiple instruments or amplifiers, making it easy for musicians to change their setups on the fly.
  • Looper: The Lehle Bypass Looper allows users to create loops for their effects pedals. It features two independent true-bypass effects loops, enabling precise control over multiple effects in your signal chain. Musicians can easily engage or disengage their effects with the press of a footswitch. 
  • Volume Pedal: The Lehle Volume pedal is a high-quality volume control solution for musicians. It allows for precise and smooth adjustment of volume levels in your signal chain. Designed with top-notch components, it ensures transparent sound without tone loss.
  • DI Boxes: Lehle DI boxes, such as the Lehle P-Split II, are designed for professional audio applications. They can split and balance your signal for direct recording or connecting to a mixing console.
  • MIDI Control: Some Lehle Pedals are equipped with MIDI capabilities, allowing you to integrate them into larger setups and control various parameters remotely.

Lehle Pedals' diverse product range is great for both electric and acoustic guitarists, ensuring clean, transparent, and reliable signal management and enhancement.

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