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Gamechanger Audio was established with the bold ambition to create innovative and unique musical instruments and devices, pushing the boundaries of musical expression. Founded in 2015, the company's mission is to develop products that have never been seen or heard before.

The brand's journey began with the PLUS Pedal, a piano-style sustain pedal designed for guitars and other melodic instruments. Despite the lack of industry experience and visibility, Gamechanger Audio quickly gained recognition and a devoted following, including many renowned musicians. The Gamechanger Audio Sustain pedal revolutionizes sustain effects, offering polyphonic sustain and harmonization. Using real-time tracking, it generates harmonized notes that follow your playing, creating lush chords and harmonies.

The company's next groundbreaking invention was the Gamechanger PLASMA Pedal, an analog distortion circuit inspired by Nikola Tesla's electrical resonant transformer circuit. Transforming the input signal into high-voltage electrical discharges, the PLASMA Pedal has become a favorite among experimental musicians and sound enthusiasts.

In their quest for innovative musical experiences, Gamechanger Audio's head engineer Martins brought the idea of incorporating motors into their next creation. This led to the development of two ambitious concepts: the MOTOR Piano and the MOTOR Pedal. With the help of a talented team of engineers, the company designed a precise and reliable motor driver system for these new instruments.

Gamechanger Audio's unrelenting drive for innovation continued with their collaboration with Fender on the BIGSBY Pedal. This project required the development of a polyphonic pitch-shifting algorithm and a stunning pedal design, both of which were successfully achieved by the dedicated team at Gamechanger Audio.

The brand's collaboration with Jack White and Third Man Records on the PLASMA COIL further cemented its position as a leading innovator in the music industry. Gamechanger Audio continues to challenge the status quo, creating new ways to combine musical and engineering concepts to deliver unique and unforgettable musical experiences.

Coming to the Gamechanger Audio LIGHT pedal, this pedal uses optical sensors to respond to light sources. This unique interaction adds an expressive and tangible dimension to your music. With intuitive controls in this Gamechanger Reverb pedal, you shape modulation, pitch shifting, or other effects in real-time. 

Throughout its short history, Gamechanger Audio has consistently delivered high-quality products that have changed the game in the world of music tech. The brand's dedication to innovation and pushing the limits of musical expression has earned them a well-deserved place on many pedalboards. With a passionate team and a clear vision, Gamechanger Audio is set to continue surprising and delighting musicians and music lovers alike.

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