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Meris, a relatively new brand in the industry, brings together the expertise of former Strymon co-founder Terry Burton, Line6 DSP expert Angelo Mazzocco, and Creative Director Jinna Kim. Despite being newcomers, their team boasts a wealth of experience in creating groundbreaking music equipment. Meris focuses on designing effects that foster a personal connection with musicians, offering multi-layered experiences that inspire creativity and exploration.

The foundation of Meris lies in the fusion of art and engineering, with the goal of producing innovative and versatile music gear. The team's diverse backgrounds in engineering, DSP, and visual arts have shaped the brand's unique identity. Meris products are known for their exceptional quality, performance, and reliability, as well as their distinct appearance and packaging.

Meris effects are described as "brimming with treats" – multi-layered instruments that interact with musicians, revealing more capabilities and sounds as they are explored. The brand's creative process is driven by a passion for music, drawing inspiration from various sources such as movies, video games, and art. Their aim is to offer something new and personal to musicians, rather than replicating existing designs.

With a strong commitment to quality, Meris continues to gain recognition for its innovative products and the genuine passion behind them. As Meris cements its place in the musical world, it remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music gear design.

Meris Pedals

Meris offers a compelling lineup of guitar pedals designed to inspire musicians. Here are some of the main types of Meris guitar pedals available at Russo Music:

  • Reverb Pedals: Meris reverb pedals like the Mercury7 introduce a new level of spatial depth and ambiance. These pedals go beyond traditional reverbs, offering creative algorithms and intricate control over parameters like decay, modulation, and pre-delay. They are ideal for creating lush, immersive soundscapes that range from realistic room simulations to otherworldly textures.
  • Delay Pedals: Meris delay pedals [e.g. Polymoon and LVX delay] provide an array of delay effects, from classic tape and analog echoes to modern digital textures. These pedals often incorporate unique features like pitch-shifting, filtering, and modulation, allowing you to craft intricate rhythmic patterns and dynamic soundscapes.
  • Synthesizer pedals: These innovative pedals transform your guitar's signal into rich, textured synth sounds. The Meris Synth Pedals such as the Enzo have polyphonic tracking, detailed control, and integrate seamlessly into your pedalboard setup, allowing guitarists to venture into synthesizer realms without additional gear.
  • Expression: Meris Preset Switch adds dynamic control and expressiveness to your pedalboard. Crafted for precision, the preset footswitch enables real-time manipulation of effect parameters, seamlessly integrating with Meris pedals.
  • Pitch-Shifting and Harmony Pedals: Meris pitch-shifting and harmony pedals allow you to create harmonized notes, intervals, and pitch-shifted textures. These pedals enable you to play harmonies, create thick textures, or add unique pitch-bending effects to your playing.

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