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Caroline pedals, handcrafted in Columbia, South Carolina, offer unique, lo-fi inspired tones and creations that set them apart from other effects pedals. Designer Philippe Herndon and his team have made it their mission to push the boundaries of conventional pedal design, ensuring that nothing else quite sounds like a Caroline pedal.

Founded in 2010 by Philippe Herndon, Caroline Guitar Company has grown thanks to the support of customers who share their passion for high-quality, innovative effects. Initially intending to create only a few pedals, the company found success and has continued to expand its offerings. Their commitment to sound quality and integrity resonates with musicians who value the judgment and expertise of a former full-time touring and recording player like Herndon.

Caroline Guitar Pedals

Caroline's range of pedals, including the Wave Cannon distortion, Meteore Lo-Fi Reverb, and the Parabola tremolo, are designed for ease of use and exceptional flexibility. A standout feature of these pedals is the Havoc switch, a momentary footswitch that often introduces self-oscillation into the affected signal, adding a unique dimension to the sound. The distinct appearance and functionality of Caroline pedals evoke a sense of excitement, capturing the attention of players who appreciate exceptional design and craftsmanship.

Despite the crowded boutique pedal marketplace, Caroline Guitar Company distinguishes itself through innovation, sound quality, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Their focus on delivering exceptional products extends from their work with renowned artists to their support of local charities through pre-order specials. The company takes pride in its ability to meet customers' needs and swiftly repair any issues to keep musicians rocking without interruption.

Caroline Guitar Company's dedication to creating high-quality, innovative products has earned them a place in the world of effects pedals including fuzz, delay, vibrato and overdrive effects. Their unique designs, exceptional sound, and commitment to customer satisfaction make Caroline pedals a top choice for musicians seeking to elevate their sound and stand out from the crowd. As the Caroline effects brand continues to evolve and create new offerings, its pedals are sure to leave a lasting impact on the music industry.

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