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The Martin Custom Shop offers Sinker Mahogany, as a premium tonewood option for its exceptional tonal qualities and unique history. This rare wood is salvaged from old-growth Honduran Mahogany trees that were transported by rivers and sank to the bottom, where they remained submerged for decades or even over a century. As a result, the wood has undergone a natural aging process that imbues it with a character that cannot be replicated.  The warm, balanced tone with a strong midrange and smooth highs is highly sought after by guitarists, and the Sinker Mahogany's stability and durability make it an ideal choice for guitar construction, ensuring longevity and consistent quality.

Martin Sinker Mahogany Guitars

The Martin Sinker Mahogany collection offers a diverse range of instruments, each with its own unique characteristics and appeal. Explore Russo Music’s collection of the Sinker Mahogany Martin Guitar lineup including:

  • Martin Dreadnought Guitar: The classic Martin dreadnought shape is a staple in the Sinker Mahogany collection. Known for its powerful projection and deep, resonant tones, the dreadnought models feature a generous lower bout, producing a robust bass response while maintaining clarity across the entire tonal spectrum. 
  • Martin Grand Auditorium: Offering a versatile blend of comfort and performance, the Grand Auditorium models in the Sinker Mahogany collection provide a balanced and articulate sound. With a slightly smaller body size than the dreadnought, they are suitable for a wide range of playing styles.
  • Martin 000/OM: Martin's 000 body and OM body shapes are renowned for their balance, responsiveness, and superb playability. These guitars are often favored by fingerstyle guitarists and solo performers. The Sinker Mahogany Acoustic Guitar versions exhibit a rich and complex tonal character, with a focus on midrange warmth and a pleasing blend of sustain and articulation. The 000 offers a slightly smaller body size, while the OM provides a bit more depth and volume.
  • Martin 12-Fret: For players seeking a vintage-inspired experience, the 12-fret models in the Sinker Mahogany collection offer a delightful twist. These acoustic guitars produce a unique tonal signature characterized by enhanced warmth, resonance, and a relaxed response. The 12-fret design also contributes to increased sustain and a more open, airy sound, making it a preferred choice for fingerpickers and blues players.

To ensure that their instruments meet the highest standards, Russo Music hand selects the Sinker Mahogany used in their guitars from the Martin factory. At the Martin factory, the Russo Music team works closely with Martin Guitars staff to choose the most exceptional pieces of Sinker Mahogany. Each piece is carefully examined for its grain pattern, and overall quality. The Russo team is dedicated to ensuring that only the finest Sinker Mahogany is used in their custom guitars, resulting in instruments that are rich in tone and visually stunning.

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