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Martin Custom Shop 1937 Series

If you’re interested in exclusivity, you’ll find no better match than the Martin Custom Shop. Martin is a pinnacle of premium and vintage guitars, and the Martin Custom Shop takes it a notch further by creating custom guitars, tailored to your music needs. Launched in 1979, the Martin Custom Shop legacy is about building unique guitar pieces, and bringing the ideal guitar image to life. With Martin Custom Shop Experts ability to create customizations down to the smallest detail, there is no guitar left to mere dreams.

Introducing the 28-Style Authentic Custom Collection, a new series of custom acoustic guitars inspired by the legendary 1937 Martin 28-Style acoustic guitar. With this collection, Martin pays homage to its rich heritage of acoustic guitar design, drawing inspiration from the iconic 1937 Martin 28-Style as a guiding light. Since its debut in 1937, the Martin 28-Style has remained a benchmark for generations of acoustic guitar enthusiasts. The timeless qualities of these original 28-Style guitars have endured the test of time and are now within the reach of modern players worldwide. This is a moment of celebration for Martin Guitar collectors, acoustic aficionados, and musicians from all corners of the globe as an all-American classic returns.

The Martin 28-Style Authentic 1937 Collection spares no expense in delivering instruments that honor history while remaining fully playable in today's music landscape. It embraces the unique Martin tradition with features like Martin Authentic bracing, hide glue, and cloth strip construction. Complementing this authentic construction are meticulously applied craft-quality finishes that not only make these guitars visually stunning but also instantly classic. The Martin 28-Style Authentic Collection offers an unparalleled experience that cannot be replicated by other modern guitars. With original designs and authentic craftsmanship from the name that pioneered it all, there's no better time than today to explore the world of authentic vintage Martin guitars.

1937 Martin Guitars

The Martin Custom Shop 1937 series is from the same line of expert designed acoustic guitars. These premium pieces are vintage low gloss finish designs and include the D-28 and the 000-28 variants. The 28 style acoustic guitars are part of the Martin Authentic Series and revive the original 1937 series with new and authentic design elements.

The 28 style guitars feature genuine mahogany necks, adirondack spruce tops, east indian rosewood back and sides, and ebony fingerboards. The authentic 1937 neck profile is a given with most of these models, while some include a Modified V 30s Style Heel.

Martin D 28 Authentic 1937

The Martin 1937 guitar pays homage to the iconic 1937 D-28 model with a D-14 Fret body size, renowned for its legendary sound and build. These instruments are a masterful recreation of the vintage classic, featuring premium Adirondack spruce tops and East Indian rosewood back and sides. The 1937 Authentic bracing pattern, Authentic 1937 Neck shape and hide glue construction reflect the original's tonal richness and resonance while the Vintage-style appointments ensure authenticity. 

Martin 000-28 Authentic 1937

The Martin 000-28 1937 guitars are a tribute to Martin's historic 1937 000-28 model with a 000 body style. These instruments recreate the vintage charm and tonal excellence of the original. They feature exquisite Adirondack spruce tops and East Indian rosewood back and sides, ensuring a rich, balanced tone with remarkable projection. The 1937 Authentic scalloped X-Bracing, Modified V 30s Style Heel  and hide glue construction replicate the original's tonal magic.

As Martin Custom Shop Expert Dealers in Pennsylvania, Russo Music can cater to your custom shop guitar needs and help you with the exclusive Martin guitar you need to express yourself. The Martin Authentic 1937 series could be an ideal choice for you. But if not, reach out to us to share your idea of the perfect Martin Custom guitar and let us take it from there.


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