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The Martin Custom Shop is your answer if you seek an exclusive and premium Martin guitar model. With Martin already known for vintage guitars, the Martin Custom Shop takes the cake by creating custom guitars, personalized to your music needs. Launched in 1979, the Martin Custom Shop legacy is about producing unique guitar pieces, and bringing the perfect guitar image to life. With Martin Custom Shop Experts’ ability to create customizations down to the smallest detail, there is no guitar left to mere imagination.

The beginning of the Custom Shop Super D is a story of casual office banter sparked by a Black Sabbath song. During a listening session of Black Sabbath's "Supernaut," someone playfully asked, "Can the Dreadnought company become the Super Dreadnought company?" As it turns out, the answer was also "Yes!" Further research revealed that "Super Dreadnought" was a classification of warship, drawing a connection to the origin of the term "Dreadnought" in Martin guitars. So, a blend of heavy metal wordplay and historical accuracy gave birth to the Martin Super D.

Martin Super D Guitar Features

The Martin Custom Super D Guitars are Super Dreadnought guitar models with 20% more air volume than the standard Martin Dreadnought guitars and no impact on the depth of the guitar body to allow comfortable playing. Proportions maintain scale, with slightly wider shoulders and a lower bout that's approximately 0.6 inches broader. The scale length remains at the standard 25.4 inches.

The Martin Super D Guitars come with a VTS Sitka Spruce top, genuine mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, and a gloss body, satin neck finish. No toner has been applied to these models, and all color finishes are as a result of the Vintage Tone System [VTS] treatment. The VTS enhances top stability, imparts tonal characteristics reminiscent of older guitars, and darkens the top's color, enhancing wood grain. The Martin D guitars have X bracing, which is the Super D proprietary pattern.

Super D Acoustic guitar models offer a 12dB volume boost and are available in 2 variants: Guatemalan Rosewood and High Flame Koa wood configurations. The Rosewood emphasizes the low midrange, while Koa leans towards a brighter, higher-toned profile. Both models feature a 3-piece back with a center wedge for consistency and elegant zigzag purfling.

A unique herringbone pattern, incorporating a tri-color design around the top, has been crafted specifically for the Super D. Antique white binding and heel caps adorn both models, and each headplate matches the back/side wood. The combination of a 1 ¾-inch nut width and the modified low oval neck profile ensures comfort for most Martin enthusiasts. All Martin Custom Shop Super D guitars include a ply hard shell case.

Part of the Martin Custom Shop Expert Collection, the Super D guitars are exclusively available through Martin Custom Shop Expert dealers. As Custom Shop Experts, Russo Music has both Super D versions available. Not sure which to get? Reach out to our experienced team for a better idea as both models have different tonal characteristics and EQ curves.


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