Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Ramper Review

Old Blood Noise Endeavors is a brand that thinks outside the box when it comes to providing players with the best effect pedal experience possible. With their newest creation, the Old Blood Noise experience only gets better.

The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Ramper is a unique expression controller designed to summon unique effect tones and inspire more creative effect interaction. Working as a sort of remote control for expression-enabled effect pedals, the Expression Ramper introduces players to a new way of using their expression effects. The compact-sized device connects into expression-based pedals via a standard TRS cable and is powered by a 9 Volt center negative power supply. Once plugged in, the Expression Ramper is ready to go.

The Expression Ramper's utility lays in its ability to capture two expression effect presets and swap between them. As you connect to your expression-enabled effect pedal, the Expression Ramper's “A” and “B” positions can be used to essentially "capture" a position on your effect pedal's expression setting. The two "captures" can be adjusted with the Expression Ramper's single knob. With the two positions from your effect pedal's expression setting captured, the Expression Ramper's main attraction comes alive.

If you've ever felt stuck or unable to choose between two expression presets, the Expression Ramper has you covered. The Expression Ramper takes the two expression settings assigned to its “A” and “B” slots and swaps back and forth between them. This changing between settings can be set to repeat, resulting in a back-and-forth ping pong series of effect motions. If you're working with an octave effect for instance, the Expression Ramper can be used to set the “A” slot to a high octave and the “B” to a low octave. Once set into automatic motion, your octave effect will automatically wave and up and down on its own – no further adjustments acquired. Uses like this can work wonders for fun effect sequences set in motion by your foot alone.

If you're looking to get fancy with the Expression Ramper, the device can be used to create some cool on-the-fly effect sequences while playing. Along with the automatic back-and-forth bounce the Expression Ramper offers, a separate "one-shot" function gives it another awesome feature. When you're looking to swap between effect settings on your own without automation, the Expression Ramper can be toggled to swap between settings at the press of the footswitch. After setting your expression effect parameters, the Expression Ramper can be set to shoot from one preset to the other and hold it. This makes for some great effect improvisation as you play as you change between your favorite expression settings without needed to rely on your foot and an expression pedal for making those accurate adjustments.

Additional features of the Expression Ramper include triangle and square LFO shapes to choose between gradual back-and-forth swings and instant back-and-forth swings. The rate at which the Expression Ramper ramps can also be controlled to adjust if the transition from “A” to “B” is slow or quick. These fast or slow effect shifts make the Expression Ramper more deeply interactive and experimental if you're looking to summon more unique sounds from your effect pedal. Playability with the Expression Ramper knows no bounds as Old Blood Noise encourages players to explore and reinvent expression effect settings in pedals they may already be familiar with. With the Expression Ramper, there is so much more musical exploration to be done.

Greatly interactive and inventive, Old Blood Noise's Expression Ramper is one for the books. Take it for a spin yourself and see what awesome expression sequences you'll take it on.

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