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Old Blood Noise Expression Ramper, White On Black Russo Music Exclusive

Expression preset controller with two LFO wave shapes, rate control, and 9 Volt DC power operation |

Item ID: SQ7046211RM


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Old Blood Noise Endeavors is a brand that thinks outside the box when it comes to providing players with the best effect pedal experience possible. With their newest creation, the Old Blood Noise experience only gets better.

The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Ramper is a expression-based control that allows for closer interaction between player and pedal. The Expression Ramper takes on expression from a new angle for adventurous players looking for a new interactive avenue.

This unique device is designed to work directly with expression-enabled effect pedals. With a two-toggle, one-dial setup, the Expression Ramper unlocks a new mode of expression interaction. The Expression Ramper can be understood as an expression preset remote control. Keying into expression setting presets that you assign with one of its three-way toggles, the Expression Ramper's function is to take presets and swap between them in interesting ways. The Expression Ramper opens up expression-enabled pedals for on-the-fly interaction and experimentation.

The Expression Ramper functions as it is set with two expression presets that players assign to its "A" and "B" toggle slots. After setting the Ramper with the two presets, the Expression Ramper takes the two expression parameter presets and swaps between them either automatically or manually. The Expression Ramper can bounce between the two presets in a rhythmic way as controlled by a rate control and LFO shape toggle for extended automatic effect sequences. Additionally, the Expression Ramper can be used as a manual "one-shot" control to swap between the two expression presets.

Use the Expression Ramper to create interesting automatic effect sequences or use it to hold onto one setting and swap to the other while playing along. Additional LFO waveshape forms and a rate control knob can be used to dial in expressive effect sequences.

With the Expression Ramper, there is so much more space to tonally explore and experiment. Give it a spin and see the awesome effect sequences you come up with.

This unique color scheme Expression Ramper is only available at Russo Music.


Type: Expression, Controller
Power Supply: 9 Volt DC Power Supply (Sold Separately)
Ins - Outs: 1 x 1/4" Out

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