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Electro-Harmonix, founded in 1968 by Mike Matthews, has been a trailblazer in the world of music, embodying the creative spirit of musicians across the globe. This iconic brand has made its mark in musical history through its relentless innovation in analog audio signal processing, digital delay, digital sampling, and polyphonic real-time processing.

Electro-Harmonix's impact on the music scene has been nothing short of revolutionary. With their effects pedals gracing the recordings of legendary artists like Pink Floyd, U2, Nirvana, and Smashing Pumpkins, it's no wonder that their products are sought after by musicians from all walks of life. EHX vacuum tubes have also powered the heart of guitar and hi-fi amplifiers by industry giants such as Fender, Peavey, and Marshall.

Since its inception, Electro-Harmonix has been instrumental in shaping the evolution of electric guitar sound, starting with the groundbreaking LPB-1 Linear Power Booster. Their extensive product line of over 150 guitar effects pedals includes everything from fuzz to delay, modulation to synthesis, and more. The sheer power and appeal of Electro-Harmonix's innovations have inspired imitation and replication by numerous pedal companies worldwide.

But Electro-Harmonix doesn't stop at effects pedals. Their offerings extend to guitar amplifiers, vacuum tubes, Bluetooth headphones and speakers, and various guitar accessories like strings, tuners, and power supplies. Electro-Harmonix is a one-stop-shop for musicians who crave top-notch, high-quality gear that stands the test of time.

In the world of music, Electro-Harmonix has undoubtedly left an indelible mark, providing musicians with the tools to unleash their creativity and forge their unique sound. So go on, grab an Electro-Harmonix pedal and join the ranks of musicians who have been captivated by the brand's trailblazing spirit and innovative products.

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