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Empress Effects, a company known for its dedication to creating innovative and original effects pedals, emerged from a simple quest to design a tremolo that met the unique demands of a musician. In 2005, Steve, an electrical engineering graduate, designed a tremolo pedal for a friend who eventually moved on to another option. This unexpected turn led to the birth of Empress Effects as local retailers recognized the potential of Steve's creation.

As the demand for their high-quality effects pedals grew, Empress Effects expanded its team, adding Mike for assembly and Jay for pedal design. This dynamic trio allowed the company to keep up with the demand while consistently launching new, exciting products. In 2008, the ParaEq, Jay's first complete pedal design, hit the market.

Empress Effects has secured a special place in musical history, with a reputation for maximizing tonal possibilities while maintaining a user-friendly experience and minimal pedalboard footprint. The brand's commitment to inspiring musicians and providing them with versatile tools to create their dream sounds has made Empress Effects a go-to choice for many.

Over the years, Empress Effects has continued to push the boundaries of effects pedals, offering musicians a diverse range of products that embody the highest possible sound quality. The dedication and passion of the Empress Effects team have led to the development of some of the most exciting and innovative pedals on the market. By staying true to their mission, Empress Effects has become an essential part of the musical landscape, helping artists create the sounds they desire and explore uncharted sonic territories.

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