Farm Pedals Boost of the Dead Review

The curious creations of the Casco, Maine-based Farm Pedals have taken the effect pedal world by storm. With individually constructed, hand-stamped pedals and new tonal takes for modern players, Farm Pedals has a quickly growing fanbase. If you haven’t become acquainted with Farm Pedals before, there’s no better place to start than with the Boost of the Dead.

The Boost of the Dead is Farm’s unique boost and buffer combo pedal. Crafted with care and a love for legendary jam bands, this pedal brings boost with a new musical angle to the table. The Boost of the Dead comes from a less than common place. When it comes to modern recreations of classic guitar tones, the world of the Grateful Dead may not be the first place you’d expect to find one – but trekking that untamed territory makes the Boost of the Dead all the more exciting. The Boost of the Dead is a pedal all its own in sound and spirit.

Bold simplicity is the name of the game for the Boost of the Dead. Based off of two custom circuits crafted by Garcia, the Boost of the Dead packs the tones of Garcia’s Tiger Buffer and Stratoblaster circuits into a compact case. The two effects share a small footprint, two switches and one knob. The right side of the pedal engages the buffer effect while the left engages the boost. Click on either one or both at the same time and you’re off to the races.

The Boost of the Dead easily finds a spot on pedalboards with its tonal characteristics that are compatible with many different setups. Part of the beauty of the Boost is its ability to enhance and complement your setup without being overwhelming. The two effects are great contributors to the enhancement of your overall sound. To start out, the Tiger Buffer side is a quick “always-on” effect. The buffer effect works with effective utility for enhancing signal clarity. Working well with distortion or for simply cleaning up your low end, the Tiger Buffer is an awesome and seamless addition to your board that makes your signal clean up nicely in discreet ways. It’s an effortless effect to tack on and play with any rig. On the other side of the Boost of the Dead, Garcia’s Stratoblaster sound comes alive. This simple, one-dial boost is another quick addition to your rig to bring out some really impressive kick. The Boost of the Dead’s volume and tonal enhancing abilities may be deceiving from its small size, but rest assured, this effective boost brings the goods for any scenario. Need to thicken up those single coils? Gotta give those humbuckers a loving kick? The Boost of the Dead is aloof and unassuming but won’t pull punches. Use this pedal for some organic volume boost that will make your best tube amp grateful. Together, the two sides of the Boost of the Dead offer an effect experience that is infinitely useful.

Farm Pedals Boost of the Dead Final Thoughts

The Boost of the Dead presents a pair of awesome effects that will be hard to switch off once switched on. Together, the buffer and boost give your signal some much-needed love no matter the situation for an always-on experience that won’t bog the rest of your rig down. The Boost of the Dead stands out as a great companion for a guitar going straight to an amp, no extra frills needed. Those looking for a simple boost or buffer option in general should take it for a spin to experience the wonders it can work for your unique sound. It's a beautiful, boney buffer and boost in a box for any occasion.