Farm Pedals Tombstone Tremolo Review

Buckle up

Individually constructed and hand-stamped, each creation from Maine’s Farm Pedals is awesomely unique and tackles classic effects in new and inventive ways. This faded little box carries on in that classic Farm spirit.

The Farm Pedals Tombstone is a combination overdrive and tremolo effect pedal. Though maybe not the first two effects you’d expect to see live together in one stompbox, this pedal is unconventional and has even more surprises in store. This pedal specializes in using each effect to complement the other, and with its streamlined controls and awesomely unique sounds, the Tombstone makes quick work out of your signal for a new modulation experience. Taking inspiration from country singer Dick Curless and his rumbling voice on the 1970 record “Six Days on the Road”, the Tombstone kicks out a style all its own for any kind of overdrive fan.

Outright, the Tombstone’s overdrive and tremolo effects jump out and quickly grab you. The effects share a single footswitch and are independently operated via four simple dials.

The overdrive is controlled by the lone “G” Gain knob. Crank up the gain to fill out the shape of your drive to make it thicker and grittier or dial it down to give yourself a warm boost. The Tombstone’s inspirations with country music really come alive with the overdrive. It’s a pretty meaty drive that can take the wheel if you let it. What’s even better with the Tombstone’s overdrive is its unique Gear toggle. Keeping it simple, the Gear toggle pushes the overdrive further in “High Gear” with the switch down and “Low Gear” with the switch up. These two positions give the Tombstone’s overdrive some extra form and more room for customization. In either case, the overdrive’s character is unique to Farm with its bluesy, crunchy tone. It’s a perfect pick for chugging along with country-style riffs.

Alongside the Tombstone’s overdrive is its expressive tremolo. The tremolo effect is controlled with the “D” Depth knob and “S” Speed knob. These two controls work exactly how you’d expect and perform very well in this effect mix. With the controls, the tremolo can be dialed in to be subtle and wavy or harsh and choppy to add either an extra flourish of movement to the overdrive or cut it up entirely for some rhythmic waves. The tremolo is a classic kind of tremolo that fits into the whole Tombstone formula easily. In tandem with the gritty overdrive, the tremolo matches that kind of tonally rustic vibe and fits in with the gain structure of the overdrive perfectly. With both effects engaged, the chemistry really comes alive.

The secret weapon of the Tombstone that gives it that last extra kick is its Ramp function, where, with the left footswitch, you can double the speed of the tremolo currently dialed. Once engaged, the “S” Speed knob is bypassed and the “R” Ramp knob controls the speed of the tremolo waveform. This function allows for some quick tonal detours to be worked into the mix while playing live or sitting back and experimenting. In addition to its Ramp feature, the Tombstone has the ability to roll off the overdrive or tremolo completely to let either effect shine. Simply turn down the Gain or Speed and Depth knobs to take either effect out of the equation. This increased interactivity gives the Tombstone a wide range of uses for a variety of playing scenarios or some endless experimentation. Either way, this pedal’s got it all.

Farm Pedals Tombstone Final Thoughts

The Tombstone conjures up some awesome effect interaction that you might not commonly see out in the wild. Played at the same time, the Tombstone’s full tonal character really shines for a combination of effects designed for one another. The interaction between the overdrive and tremolo and how they so naturally meld together is well worth checking out as it may be a while before you see another combo pedal like this. Those looking for a handy grab bag of two classic effects with a distinct bluesy character need look no further than this pedal in all its wavering, wobbling glory. It's a perfect companion for those hitting the lonesome, dusty trail.