Chorus chasers and tremolo true-believers rejoice, we have made contact.

The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Visitor is a modulation pedal that carries a collection of expressive modulation effects all under one footswitch. Utilizing clever construction and intuitive design, the Visitor delivers a wide range of modulated voices for fans of a flashy flourish to deep-space experimenters.

The Visitor touches down.

Never a group to underestimate, the masterminds at Old Blood Noise Endeavors have brought a multi-headed modulation pedal to the masses with creativity and finesse. The Visitor packs three distinct modulation effects into a single stompbox. A chorus, tremolo, and phaser effect all occupy the compact footprint of the Visitor and, by using a three-position switch, players can easily tap into one of the three effects.

The Visitor veers from the beaten path with the introduction of a secondary effect source. Players will notice a two-position switch to tap into another choice of chorus or tremolo. This is where the Visitor introduces its main attraction: the capability to engage two modulation effects at the same time.

Meld a mix of chorus and tremolo to introduce a phasing effect with a spacey flourish.

Double down on tremolo for a wavy, vertigo-inducing trip.

The Visitor gives players free reign of its expressive modulation capabilities with responsive and intuitive controls. Basic Rate and Depth dials control the primary effect while the Secondary dial controls the secondary effect, adjusting its rate and depth while mixing it into the first. Turn the dial all the way down to remove the secondary effect entirely to arrive in a comfortable, single-effect space.

Regen, the secret weapon of the Visitor, introduces a final, new voice into the mix. The Regen control effectively takes the sum of all active effects and amalgamates them to create spacey noise and introduce a pseudo-delay effect. The Visitor takes off with this extra feature to push modulated voices even further, though this effect can also be zeroed out to return to a more stable point of origin.

For all its capabilities, the Visitor remains fairly tame for a pedal of its concept. Pushing every effect to the limit will create a steep descent into noise machine territory, but part of the allure of the Visitor is the ability to easily reel in effects to return to a pretty moderate space.

Among the many modulation effect pedals in the world today, Old Blood Noise Endeavors has produced their own standout entry. Spatially economic and easily interactive, the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Visitor is a pedal the modulation maniacs of the world do not want to miss.

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