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The Beginning of Fender Guitars

Since the dawn of the Electric guitar, there have been few names more synonymous with the instrument than Fender Guitars. A gold standard for guitarists everywhere, Fender got its start in Fullerton, California when Leo Fender managed to design a simple yet effective solid body design. Those epic designs, mixed with the innovative manufacturing process led to an explosion of guitars on the scene. First the Telecaster, and followed closely by the Stratocaster, these Fender guitars set the stage for the start of a revolution that spawned everything we love about guitars today.

Fender Guitars now, and into the Future

Fast forward over 70 years and Fender Guitars still gleams as a dominating force in the guitar world. The Fender Stratocaster, and Fender Telecaster, among others, are recognizable by millions around the globe. With Series like the American Original, Fender is proving that it plans to stay at the forefront of design and playability. As guitar nerds, we are happy to have access to the entire Fender guitar line and would love to help you pick your next guitar!

Fender Guitar Models

Here's an overview of the main Fender guitar types and collections available at Russo Music:

  • Stratocaster: The Stratocaster, or "Strat," is a versatile electric guitar known for its contoured body, three single-coil pickups, and tremolo system. It's favored by players across genres for its bright tones, smooth playability, and iconic design.
  • Telecaster: The Telecaster, or "Tele," is revered for its straightforward design, with a single-cutaway body, two pickups (typically single-coils), and a twangy, articulate sound. It's a cornerstone of country, rock, and blues music.
  • Precision Bass: The Precision Bass, or "P Bass," revolutionized the world of bass guitars with its split single-coil pickup, delivering a powerful, defined low end. It's a foundational instrument in modern music, providing the backbone for countless songs.
  • Jazz Bass: The Fender Jazz Bass, or "J Bass," features a sleek offset body design, two single-coil pickups, and a slimmer neck profile. It's known for its versatile tonal options, making it a favorite among bassists in various genres.
  • Mustang: The Mustang offers a compact body, shorter scale length, and distinctive offset design. It's valued for its unique tonal character and comfortable playability.
  • Jaguar: The Jaguar boasts an intricate switching system, distinctive body shape, and a wide range of tonal possibilities. It's favored for its ability to produce both smooth and biting tones.
  • Custom Shop Models: Fender's Custom Shop produces high-end, handcrafted guitars, often recreating classic models or crafting limited editions with premium woods, pickups, and finishes.
  • Artist Signature Models: Collaborations with renowned artists result in signature models, tailored to their playing styles. Examples include Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton signature guitars.
  • American Original: Melding timeless designs from the '50s and '60s with contemporary features, they offer a nostalgic yet versatile playing experience. Crafted in the USA, these guitars use premium materials, impeccable finishes, and classic pickups that bring through the iconic tones of their respective eras.
  • American Professional II: These instruments, including Stratocasters, Telecasters, and more, feature enhanced V-Mod II pickups for rich tonal variety. The Deep "C" neck profile offers comfort and speed, while the sculpted heel grants effortless upper-fret access.
  • American Performer: Equipped with Yosemite pickups, they deliver a harmonically rich sound palette. Modern "C" neck profiles ensure comfort and agility, while jumbo frets enhance expressiveness of the Fender American Performer series.
  • Player:  Crafted with attention to detail, Fender Player Series boasts versatile Alnico pickups that capture timeless sound. Modern "C" neck profiles ensure comfortable playability, while medium jumbo frets facilitate expressive playing.
  • Duo-Sonic: The Duo-Sonic is a compact and affordable option, favored for its straightforward design, comfortable playability, and bright tones.
  • Starcaster: The Starcaster is a semi-hollowbody guitar known for its unique shape, versatile sound, and vintage-inspired vibe.

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