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Fender Precision Bass

The Fender Precision Bass was introduced in 1951 by Fender. As the instrument’s history dictates, it was designed by Leo Fender and was the first commercially successful electric bass guitar, providing a much-needed solution for bassists seeking an amplified sound. The Precision Bass masked several features taken from the Fender Telecaster and featured a solid body, fretted neck, and a split-coil pickup, offering unprecedented tonal control and sustain. Its precision and versatility quickly made it a key instrument in both live performances and studio recordings. The Fender P Bass guitar, as it's often called, transformed the role of the bass guitar, influencing countless musicians across genres.

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Explore the extensive collection of Fender Precision Bass guitars here at Russo Music and deep dive in to the one of a kind sound, exceptional workmanship, and revolutionary design that have made the Precision Bass a cornerstone in the world of bass guitars. You’ll find the precision bass fit for all musical journeys, whether you’re an experienced bass guitar player, or a novice one.

From the classic and elegant standard models to the contemporary Fender Player series and the Fender American Professional II series, our Fender Guitars collection showcases a variety of Precision Bass options to suit your playing style and preferences.

You can choose from a wide range of finishes, including timeless Sunburst, sleek Black, and vintage-inspired Olympic White. Each Precision Bass embodies the legacy of Fender craftsmanship and innovation, allowing you to find the perfect bass that matches your musical identity.

Browse our collection of Fender Precision Bass guitars today and find your perfect guitar to join the ranks of countless bassists who have relied on the Precision Bass to shape their sound!

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