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Fender Guitar's latest release, the Aerodyne Special Series guitars bring with it a stunning combination of style and innovation. Crafted with aerodynamic body lines and adorned with top binding, these guitars exude a sleek and captivating appearance. Complementing the design, you'll find matching painted headcaps, Babicz Z-Series bridges, chrome skirted knobs, modern "C" neck profiles with a 12" fingerboard radius, and vintage voiced Aerodyne Special pickups, all contributing to an extraordinary playing experience.

The series encompasses an array of models, including the much-loved

With a total of 15 models, the lineup promises to cater to a diverse range of musical tastes.

When it comes to feel and playability, the Aerodyne Special guitars boast features that leave a lasting impression. The modern "C" shaped neck profile, a cherished hallmark of Fender's quality, harmoniously complements the 12" fingerboard radius, ensuring both comfort and exceptional playability. Guitarists can revel in a lower action while minimizing the risk of "fretting out" thanks to the flatter radius fingerboard.

Underpinning the series' excellence is top-notch hardware. The Babicz bridges on the Fender Aerodyne guitars create a solid connection between the body and strings, translating into enhanced sustain and improved intonation. Moreover, the Babicz bridge allows for individual string height adjustments, empowering players to customize their instrument's action to perfection. The inclusion of locking tuners adds to the allure, providing heightened tuning stability and effortless restringing. No more fumbling with knots, loops, or twists—simply pull the string through, tighten the lock, and trim the excess.

In the realm of aesthetics, the Aerodyne Special Guitars showcases a captivating palette of colors to match its stellar performance. Choose from a diverse range of options, including Chocolate Burst, California Blue, Speed Green Metallic, Dolphin Grey, Hot Rod Burst, and Bright White. Regardless of your preference, all models boast cream top binding, elevating the instrument's visual allure.

Given the immense popularity of Japanese-made Fender guitars in the U.S., these additions to the Aerodyne Special Series are undoubtedly a welcome delight to guitar enthusiasts. Grab these electric guitars today and celebrate the exceptional craftsmanship and performance of the Aerodyne Specials.

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