Fender Announces New Aerodyne Special Series Guitars and Basses

Fender has just released their new Aerodyne Special Series guitars! These guitars are designed with aerodynamic body lines and feature top binding. They also have matching painted headcaps, Babicz Z-Series bridges, chrome skirted knobs, modern "C" neck profiles with 12" fingerboard radius, and new vintage voiced Aerodyne Special pickups.

New Stratocasters will be available in SSS and HSS pickup configurations. Fender Telecasters, Jazz Basses, and Precision Basses complete the line. All in all, there are 15 new models in the series and they're beginning to ship now.

Feel and Playability

The modern "C" shaped neck profile is a tried and true staple of Fender products. It lives in that Goldilocks just right space and pairs perfectly with the flatter 12" fingerboard radius on the new Aerodyne Special. Enjoy lower action with less risk of "fretting out" on a flatter radius fingerboard.

Top Notch Hardware

Babicz bridges provide a more solid connection between the body and the strings. This results in increased sustain and improved intonation. The Babicz bridge also allows for individual string height adjustment, so you can set your action exactly where you want it. The locking tuners on the Aerodyne Special guitars keep your instrument in tune longer, so you can rock out with confidence. Restringing is a breeze with locking tuners as well, no more knots, loops, twists and ties, Just pull the string through, tighten the lock, and trim the excess.

New Exciting Colors

The new Aerodyne Special is available in a variety of different colorways including Chocolate Burst, California Blue, Speed Green Metallic, Dolphin Grey, Hot Rod Burst, and Bright White. All models have cream top binding and fingerboards may vary between

Japanese made Fender guitars have a huge fanbase here in the U.S. These new instruments are a welcome addition to the pack. Stay tuned for more in depth reviews once these new Aerodyne Specials start to arrive. 

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