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Fender Jazz Bass Guitar

Fender Jazz Bass guitars are renowned for their legendary sound and Fender's innovative design. Discover a wide range of Fender Jazz Bass models, each offering its distinct character and tonal versatility.

The Fender Jazz Bass’ smooth and articulate tones have made it a staple in various genres, from funk and jazz to rock and beyond. Crafted with precision and featuring comfortable playability, Fender Jazz Bass guitars empower musicians to deliver groovy basslines and captivating solos.

Experience the ergonomic elegance of Fender Guitars with the offset waist body, ensuring balance and comfort during extended performances. The dual single-coil pickups provide a wide spectrum of tones, from punchy and defined to rich and resonant, allowing you to adapt effortlessly to different musical contexts.

Fender Jazz Bass for Sale

Here's an overview of some notable types of Fender Jazz Bass guitars available at Russo Music:

  • American Professional II Jazz Bass: The Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass features refined pickups, improved hardware, and a comfortable "Slim C" neck profile, delivering enhanced playability and a rich tonal palette.
  • American Vintage Jazz Bass: The Fender American Vintage Jazz Bass Guitars showcase alder bodies, vintage-style hardware, and painstakingly recreated pickups for an authentic sonic experience.
  • American Ultra Jazz Bass: Designed for the modern player seeking ultimate performance, the Fender American Ultra Jazz Bass has advanced features like the "Modern D" neck profile, noiseless pickups, and versatile active/passive electronics. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during long gigs or studio sessions.
  • Aerodyne Jazz Bass: Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass Guitars combine classic Jazz Bass design with modern aesthetics, featuring a bound basswood body, and a unique carved top.
  • Player Series Jazz Bass: A budget-friendly option that doesn't compromise on quality, the Fender Player Series Jazz Bass delivers vintage-inspired tones with a contemporary edge. It features Alnico [Player] and Player Plus Noiseless Jazz Bass pickups [Player Plus], a "Modern C" neck profile, and a range of finishes to suit various styles.
  • Vintage Reissue '60s Jazz Bass: The Vintage Reissue series captures the essence of the 1960s models. With period-correct specifications, vintage-style pickups, and a slim "C"-shaped neck, these models pay homage to the golden era of bass playing in Vintera Models, American Vintage models and premium Fender Custom Shop Models.
  • Gold Foil Jazz Bass: The Fender Gold Foil Guitar reimagines tradition with a unique twist. Combining vintage aesthetics and modern innovation, it features distinctive gold foil pickups for a captivating sonic character.
  • Artist Signature Jazz Basses: Fender collaborates with renowned bassists to create signature models, each tailored to the artist's playing style and preferences. These basses often feature unique pickups, finishes, and hardware options.

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