Fender Releases Player Plus Meteora Guitars

The Fender Player Plus series introduces new, game-changing features to classic Fender models. With improved playability, expanded tonal features, eye-catching finishes, the Player Plus series has taken the musical world for a new kind of ride – though past your usual Stratocasters and Telecasters, a new addition has been brewing.

The Meteora is not your typical Fender guitar, and that is what makes it so exciting. Though you may have seen the Fender Meteora in passing here and there, the guitar has never received a warmer reception than with its addition to the Player Plus line. An outstanding pair of instruments touch down today proudly bearing the Meteora name and the offbeat offsets have never looked better.

The Player Plus series features two Meteora models – the Player Plus Meteora and the Player Plus Active Meteora Bass. Between these two guitars, there quite a bit of tonal territory to travel and unique style to capture.

Fender's Player Plus Meteora captures some true offset style and pairs it with groundbreaking musicality. The Meteora body is constructed of alder and is matched with a maple neck. This maple neck features a satin finish for smooth travels from higher to lower registers. Pau ferro and maple fingerboards are both outfitted with twenty-two medium jumbo frets for quick playability. Strumming or soloing is a breeze on the Player Plus Meteora.

Slick and streamlined, the Player Plus Meteora also comes with real fire under the hood. Two Fireball humbucking pickups drop in on the Meteora that summon tones with impeccable articulation as well as considerable kick. Ramping these pickups with volume or overdrive effects make them bloom and highlight their unique character. Different tonal paths can be taken with the Meteora's S-1 switch that activates the Fireballs' coil splitting capabilities. If you were searching for your Fender single-coil cleans in this Player Plus entry, you've found them. Exceptionally flexible sonically and airtight in playability with a two-point tremolo bridge, the Player Plus Meteora is an awesome instrument for exploring the unconventional.

Fender has not forgotten about the offset bassists of the world with this Player Plus addition. The Player Plus Active Meteora Bass matches its sibling with its dynamically designed offset alder body and maple neck. A satin neck finish makes each trip from high to low frets a breeze. Tonally, the Player Plus Active Meteora Bass also owes its voice to a pair of Fireball humbucking pickups. These pickups deliver excellent, full tonal character, and if you lean more toward active or passive pickup setups, a dedicated toggle switch engages the pickups in an active or passive configuration to get a fuller tonal spectrum.

Fender’s Player Plus Meteoras tap into new areas for the series, functionally and musically. With these exciting new additions, the Player Plus series becomes all the more impressive.

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