Moog Sound Studio Synthesizer Bundles

A full Moog Eurorack synthesizer experience has just landed in your lap with Moog Sound Studio.

Moog’s mastery of synthesis has reached a new level of accessibility with the announcement of the new Moog Sound Studio semi-modular synthesizer bundles. These new synthesizer bundle packages give players all the instruments, tools, and information to start on their own synthesizing journey. With no synthesizer experience needed, Moog Sound Studios provide a solid steppingstone into the world of synthesis.

If you’ve ever been interested in semi-modular synthesizers but didn’t know where to start, there has never been a better way to jump in than with Moog Sound Studios. Moog Synthesizers offer two different setups in their two bundles. The first Sound Studio bundle comes with a Moog Mother-32 semi-modular synthesizer with a Moog DFAM drum synthesizer. The second bundle comes with a Moog Subharmonicon semi-modular synthesizer and DFAM. Both bundles include an audio mixer, power distribution hub, two-tier rack mount kit, patch cables, a patch cable organizer, and an assortment of custom colorful art pieces for a full Moog experience right out of the box. Getting in on the fun of Moog has never been easier.

The Moog Sound Studio bundles put players first – expert to novice. With these bundles, Moog hopes to welcome a new generation of analog synthesists.