D'Addario XS Guitar Strings

D'Addario XS strings are the product of scientific development and musical intuition – a new kind of string for those looking for refined design and exceptional playability.

D'Addario and XS strings home in on a common guitar string design and improve upon it. Film coated strings today are a popular pick for guitarists looking to get the most out of their instrument from one set of strings to the next. Versus uncoated strings, coated strings are more resistant to the natural corrosion and wear that comes with playing. D'Addario sets out to maximize on that resistant coated quality while retaining the light touch and tonal characteristics of uncoated strings with XS strings. While there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing coated over uncoated, or vice versa, D'Addario's XS strings are definitely worth checking out for their groundbreaking design and unique tonal character.

The XS strings' design is based around a newly developed film by D'Addario. Light but powerful, the film coating of XS strings is strong with a smooth touch and unprecedented tonal clarity. This unique combination of qualities makes XS strings stand out. Where before players may have had to negotiate between the seemingly mutually exclusive qualities of coated and uncoated strings, now the strengths of both strings live harmoniously in one package.

XS strings take great advantage of D'Addario's new film coating. Playing with XS strings is awesomely smooth and streamlined with plenty of tonal clarity and brightness. The ultra-thin coating of XS strings make sliding your hand up and down the fretboard a breeze while notes and chords retain volume and articulation. Strength and durability remain key qualities with XS strings. The corrosion and contaminants that can wear down strings quickly is prevented with the strings' new coating. When searching for a balance between playability and durability, XS strings have both options covered. XS strings also stay strong when it comes to tuning stability. Rock solid intonation and pinpoint accuracy in tuning keep XS strings ahead of the pack for players looking for strings to stay stronger and play longer. In addition to the outstanding musical qualities of XS strings, every piece of an XS set is completely recyclable, strings, packaging, and all.

If you're thinking about strings for the long-term future while not forgetting about the exciting short-term present, there is a D'Addario XS set for you.