Martin Custom Sinker Mahogany Guitars Arrive

After months of crafting at the Martin factory, a collection of custom Sinker Mahogany Martin acoustic guitars has arrived. A line of truly one-of-a-kind instruments all our own have reached home and we couldn't be more excited.

In the winter of 2019, we spent some time at the Martin Guitar Factory to explore Sinker Mahogany, a type of tonewood with a unique history.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, British lumbering operations in Central America, modern day Belize, involved an interesting method of transportation. After extracting mahogany from trees in dense forests, logs were floated in rivers down to the shores for collection and harvest. The heaviest and most dense logs would sink to the bottom of the rivers, eventually being preserved for hundreds of years. Modern day excavation of these centuries-old pieces of lumber from the original rivers produces a unique form of mahogany, aptly named Sinker Mahogany. This method of lumber collection is not only environmentally conscious but also yields some of the most refined tonewood that exists today. With Martin Guitars' masterful handling of this wood, Sinker Mahogany is now effectively used in producing incredible instruments the likes of which the world has never seen.

Martin Sinker Mahogany front

Our involvement in the crafting process came down to careful consideration of a number of factors. Sinker Mahogany's rich voice, vibrant looks, and tonal response all worked into our selections of wood pairings among the collection. The guitars are all tonally versatile and aesthetically individual with Sinker Mahogany playing a key role in each. Paired with Adirondack Red spruce, a captivating visual contrast and balanced tone come together on a Martin 000 sized model. Paired with VTS Sitka spruce, a vibrant top color and an aged tonal voice combine for an easy to pick up and hard to put down 00-sized 12 fret. The one-of-a-kind qualities of Sinker Mahogany make for dynamic instruments that seem too good to be true. They have instantly captivated everyone in the shop and are sure to work the same magic on their next lucky player. The bittersweet part of it all? These guitars have never been seen before and will never see an exact recreation. Martin Custom Shop has worked tirelessly to produce these shining examples of what an acoustic guitar can be, and with that, we are in awe.

Martin Sinker Mahogany back

Martin Guitars, an American company with a legacy dating back almost two hundred years, produces some of the highest quality acoustic guitars ever made. The storied history and glowing reputation of Martin Guitars make it an indispensable name among American musical instruments. Capable of producing guitars of unmatched quality, Martin Guitars' world-renowned brand is an honor and pleasure to work with. These new, exclusive, and collaboratively produced instruments are sure to speak for themselves when played. Words cannot begin to describe the experience of some of the finest acoustic guitars available today. Today, they are only to be found here at Russo Music.

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