Stringjoy Guitar Strings

Stringjoy, a brand devoted solely to the craft of making high-quality guitar strings, has reached Russo Music and the pleasure is all ours.

Where some may keep guitar strings as strictly an afterthought after picking out the right guitar or the right pedal, Stringjoy actively sets out to defy such a standard.

The first true string custom shop, Stringjoy was born from necessity. Starting as a small operation in 2014, Stringjoy emerged from a desire to craft quality guitar strings that are both universally accessible and exceptionally unique. The promise of new custom string setups brought in guitar players from all genres of music to test the waters of this new frame of thinking. Beyond the endless racks of one-size-fits-all strings, Stringjoy found footing and established a gleaming reputation. Stringjoy's earliest days came with challenges but produced the quality strings for which they are now renowned.

Stringjoy Refuses the Status Quo

Stringjoy features a wide range of strings, acoustic and electric, certain to inspire any player. Made in the United States in heart of Nashville, Tennessee, each Stringjoy string is assembled by expert craftspeople to ensure a quality product from start to finish. Care and craftsmanship are principal priorities with Stringjoy, and with them, a quality string is ensured. The Stringjoy line features strings that are not only carefully crafted, but also mindfully assorted. For instance, players will find in Stringjoy's Signatures Balance Super Light string pack a classic 9's set with the B and G strings swapped to a slightly heavier gauge to stabilize and balance tension across the whole set. Small adjustments such as these may seem negligible, but with Stringjoy standards, they can mean the world.

Though daring and sometimes unorthodox, Stringjoy's customization of classic formulas continues into their own creations. Stringjoy methods and gauges are not set in stone as the humble creators reserve the right to innovate in ways big and small. The creative energy behind Stringjoy cannot be stopped, but Stringjoy players are sure to benefit along the way.

Strings Aren’t an Afterthought

Stringjoy encourages players to try something they have never before. This is evident in their hands-on assembly methods, packs of custom-assorted gauge strings, and their enthusiastic revisions on their own winning formulas. The team at Stringjoy is not satisfied to rest on any laurels with their strings, and the product of their tireless efforts comes out in the unique tones created when they are strung up and played. For Stringjoy, crafting guitars strings is both a science and an art. Though picking out strings may indeed be a less exciting part of playing guitar, the team at Stringjoy encourages players to take a second look.