Epiphone Original Collection New Releases

The Epiphone Original Collection rolls out the red carpet for instruments spanning generations that have come to define the brand as one of the most highly revered names in electric guitars today. Seen in the hands of legendary musicians across decades, the qualities of each instrument make it uniquely its own to stand out in crowds and on stages. High quality design, materials, electronics, and hardware all add up to a collection of instruments worthy of revival, preservation, and celebration.

While Epiphone Les Pauls and Dots have easily found homes with passionate fans of the brand, the Epiphone Original Collection also brings out some lesser-seen classics for new players to enjoy today. The latest additions to the Original Collection include a couple of reissues of Epiphone solid body models, the Epiphone Coronet, Crestwood Custom, and Wilshire P-90.

All debuting in the late 1950s, the three new Epiphone Original entries hearken to a different generation of electric guitar manufacturing. The Coronet, Crestwood Custom, and Wilshire P-90 are some of the earliest examples of Epiphone solid body electric guitars, all of which feature unique characteristics less seen among today's solid body guitars. The trio all feature a symmetrical double cutaway body shape to easily fit into the arms of any player. Though reminiscent of other Epiphone double cutaways like the SG, the three all have a distinct feel in hand with a mahogany neck and body and Indian Laurel fingerboard. Unique pickup configurations also define each Epiphone Original model with the Coronet's single Dogear P-90, the Wilshire P-90's Soapbars, and the Crestwood Custom's mini humbuckers. Each model has a unique voice that is easily summoned and finely sculpted using the responsive volume and tone controls. Along with high-quality appointments and hardware, every new practice session or gig will be as precise and refined as the last. These models are surely not to be missed.

The historic legacy of Epiphone guitars is kept alive and well with the Original Collection. While the experts at Epiphone continue to introduce new innovative instruments to suit the players of today, their commitment to the legacy of the brand is impressive. With these three reissues, each is remarkable in its own right and is far from a relic of yesteryear. Completely compatible with players across styles of music and generations, the Epiphone Original Collection is an assortment of instruments that consistently reminds players of why the classics are classic.