Darkglass Element Gets Major Firmware Update

The Darkglass Element, which we spoke about released earlier this year, has received an incredible firmware update to make it even more impressive device. Those looking for a streamlined audio interface experience need look no further, Darkglass now has it covered.

With a substantial boost in functionality, Darkglass Electronics has integrated a new audio interface function into the Element, their popular headphone cabinet simulator. Utilizing a downloadable update of the Darkglass Suite program from the Darkglass Electronics website compatible with Mac and PC, the Element keys in for a new interface experience.

The Element now can function as an audio interface with any DAW system enabled by the Element's USB-C out port. Functioning with the Darkglass App via Bluetooth connectivity, the Element features a wide array of tonal controls for electric bass and guitar. Four input channels allow players to select the input of their instrument, with processed signal and raw signal as available options. Six output channels including stereo left, stereo right, and XLR out channels are also available.

After pairing a smartphone with the Element through the Darkglass App, the simulated cabinet technology of the Element comes into play to adjust the processed instrument output into the DAW. The Darkglass App features a wealth of cabinet simulator settings to precisely hone in on any simulated tone. A new simulated preamp function in the cabinet simulation section of the Darkglass App allows players to adjust drive, volume, high end, and low end of their instrument. Along with preamp simulation, players can experiment with different combinations of simulated cabinets and simulated microphones. An equalizer section in the Darkglass App enables control over volume and frequencies of the simulated cabinet. The cabinet simulation features of the Element work in real time while connected to the Darkglass App for easy adjustments while experimenting with the selection of tones the Darkglass App and Element are capable of.

Solo musicians and studio experimenters alike are sure to appreciate the streamlined functionality of the new Darkglass Element update. This update to the Element's cabinet simulation technology only pushes the Darkglass Electronics personal music making experience further for exciting new musical developments and breakthroughs all within the confines of a sleek, stompbox-sized device.