Darkglass Element Announced

Darkglass Electronics has announced the Element, a brand-new cabinet simulator headphone amplifier.

Recognizing the barriers that keep bass and guitar players from creating and performing optimally, Darkglass Electronics has crafted a new device to make practice and performance more productive and efficient.

The Element, a cabinet simulator headphone amplifier, works to enhance the experience of music making through a streamlined interface with innovative hardware all under the hood of one stompbox-sized device. The cabinet simulation technology presented by Darkglass creates authentic-sounding bass and guitar amplifier tones into headphones or a PA system, perfect for jamming alone or performing onstage.

The Element is ready to play at any moment live or by oneself. A pair of independently adjustable headphone outputs allows players to listen in to refined simulated tones while practicing silently. Along with working as a DI for studio recording, the Element accommodates a wide range of playing scenarios. An XLR DI output allows players to connect to a microphone preamp or PA system while a parallel output can be sent to an onstage monitor or separate cabinet.

Featuring five simulated cabinet models, a wide array of tones is accessible. The variety of simulated voices created can be altered and customized via USB or Bluetooth connectivity to Darkglass Suite, a software editor used to fine tune the tones of the Element. Bluetooth A2DP technology and auxiliary connectivity allow players to play along with backing tracks connected via a tablet or smartphone.

The streamlined, minimalist, all-aluminum chassis design enhances the user experience of the Element even further. Utilizing Darkglass touch sensor technology, the Element features no knobs or dials for a smooth and responsive user interface.

A great example of efficient design, innovative technology, and authentic tonal character all in one with an affordable price point, the Darkglass Element represents a bright future for hands-on music making.

Learn about the latest Element firmware update here