Taylor Guitars American Dream Series Announced

Continuing on a breakneck pace of ingenuity, Taylor has announced a new affordable series called “American Dream”. The name pays homage to Taylors humble beginnings, where in 1974 they purchased their first guitar shop aptly named, American Dream. This building, originally picked up for three thousand dollars, was the embodiment of their hope in uncertain times to make good on their aspirations. In that vein, they’ve strove to create a new addition to the Taylor Guitars line that brings affordability to professional-level instruments.

Driven by Circumstance

As with many important innovations, inspiration usually comes as an answer to a question. With most of the country at a stand still and the outlook for working musicians grim, Bob Taylor felt the same fighting spirit that surrounded that little shop in 1974. One of hope, cautious optimism and a belief that the question at hand was not mathematical or scientific, but uniquely human.

That question was this; How, in the face of hardship, could Taylor provide something that was of a professional grade, with some of their best features, at a price that musicians could afford in these uncertain times?

The Best of Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars master builder Andy Powers knew going in that to succeed, an emphasis had to be placed on utility. This series wasn’t going to have fancy inlays, rosettes or binding but what was saved in appointments was put into function. The American Dream series is an all solid wood construction. They have the newly designed Taylor V-Class bracing, which as we wrote recently, is a revolution in guitar resonance and projection. The finish is .002 inches thick, so thin that the wood is able to breath and ring true. To keep on this trend, Taylor has decided to do the entire series in their new sloped shoulder dreadnought body shape, the Grand Pacific. To top it all off, Taylor Guitars is making them at their U.S. shop in El Cajon, California.

The American Dream models come with a few variations based on wood combinations, electronics and a new “blacktop” matte-black finish available on the AD17 (pictured above).

Taylor Guitars American Dream

The American Dream acoustic guitars are the most affordable American made acoustics in the Taylor Guitars line. Starting at $1399, it is hard to find a near peer in that range, achieving what Andy, Bob and the team at Taylor set out for; a way to put professional-level instruments in musicians hands in an economical way. The mix of the V-Class bracing and Grand Pacific body shape was meant to be, with a broad low end and a shimmering clarity. Taylor guitars has gone for utility and has made an acoustic that punches well above its weight class.

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