Fender American Professional II Released

To close out 2020, Fender invites players from around the world to witness a new chapter in musical history be written with an outstanding new series. Fender has announced the release of their latest marvel, the American Professional II.

The Fender American Professional II series is a thoroughly crafted assortment of instruments that looks confidently to the future of electric guitars as they are known today. With reinvention and vitalization as top priorities, Fender has kicked into proverbial overdrive as a wave of new innovations and careful revisions to legendary instruments brings the series to life today.

Groundbreaking designs and technology bring the American Professional II series from a lofty concept to a tangible creation. Classic Fender models in the series sport new specifications and electronics certain to encourage players explore every facet of the new Fender experience. The American Professional II series guitars all feature new V-Mod II pickups that hold unique properties across each model. Functions such as coil-splitting and tapping turn from a Fender rarity to a standard feature with the American Professional II series. Never before have electronics been more expressive, as Fender tones both classic and cutting-edge bloom from each guitar effortlessly. Along with new tonal landscapes to explore, each model is comfortably held in hand with rolled fingerboard edges and unique contours to maximize each player's personal handling. New finish colors make every guitar visually burst to catch the attention of everyone in the room. With so many options and creative avenues to take, fans of the Fender legacy who are eager to take the next step are certain to find a match in the American Professional II series.

Fender's rigorous revision of each instrument from the first American Professional series shows the tireless drive and endless ingenuity of the historic brand and the experts that make it all happen. The Fender American Professional II series is a line of instruments dying to be played. The construction? Careful. The looks? Infatuating. The sounds? Second to none. With no technical stone left unturned and all stops pulled out, the Fender American Professional II series puts new energy into the hands of any player.

The Fender American Professional II series represents the evolution of the Fender electric guitar. In the series, Fender's treasured instruments are pushed further than ever before to bring out the best in every player. An unprecedented collection of electric guitars touches down.