Taylor Grand Theater Acoustic Guitars Announced

Taylor Guitars' elite line of acoustic guitars welcomes its newest edition with the Taylor Grand Theater. Featuring a new body shape, new tonewoods, and a new playing experience, the Grand Theater, or GT, is sure to wow both Taylor Guitar experts and newcomers alike. A unique instrument to Taylor Guitars and acoustic guitars at large, the Grand Theater brings new features to the table to expand Taylor's tonal spectrum and introduce a new playing experience.

The Grand Theater is crafted in Taylor Guitars' California factory alongside the Taylor classics. With the Grand Theater, Taylor introduces unique specifications making a debut with the new model. Upon first look, players will first notice the body size of the Grand Theater. Sized between a GS Mini and a Grand Concert, the Grand Theater strikes a precise midpoint between Taylor short-scaled and full-sized guitars. The 24 1/8” scale length of the Grand Theater makes it easily picked up and ready to play. The Grand Theater is optimized to be easily held in the hands of any player while producing a classic Taylor voice.

Keeping with Taylor tradition with some innovative adjustments, the rich voice of the Grand Theater is exceptionally unique yet undeniably Taylor. A solid spruce top with new solid urban ash back and sides produce classic Taylor tones that are refined and organic. The playing experience of the Grand Theater differs from other Taylors with the introduction of a eucalyptus fingerboard, deviating from Taylor’s traditional ebony fingerboard. Still streamlined and comfortable in hand, the Grand Theater’s fingerboard is easily played like its longer-scaled cousins. Featuring a new Taylor Guitars C-Class bracing pattern, the internal architecture of the Grand Theater is a marvel all its own. The Grand Theater naturally blooms with a resonant voice that will stand out anywhere, from a coffee shop open mic to a professional performance. With two versions of the Grand Theater releasing, one with an onboard pickup, the Taylor GTe is equipped with Taylor Guitars Expression System 2 electronics for easy translation of tones from practice to performance. With a stellar assortment of specifications, the Grand Theater will easily find itself at home in any venue.

Taylor Guitars’ tireless drive for the next innovation is admirable through their consistent reinvention of their time-honored models. With the Grand Theater, the eager Taylor fans of the world are sure to turn a creative corner and discover their own musical breakthrough.